Xbox Live less stable than PS3 PSN?

Users are reporting connection issues with their Xbox Live accounts. Apparently the accounts are being disconnected from the network. Microsoft has confirmed that there is an issue with Xbox Live at the moment. One would expect that Microsoft would have learned its lesson from last year's spotty connection issues.

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GiantEnemyLobster3679d ago many people join and want to try it out that it sometimes can't talk the MASSIVE amount of people!! So occasionally the high-end Servers that Microsoft has can't even handle all the people.. something I thought would never happen!

Fortunately for Sony, the psn is a barren wasteland whose servers are located in the basement of PSnerd's mommy's houses. So the reason why the servers dont crash much on PSN is because NO ONE is on them! Unlike the Xbox Live, a vast metropolis of online gamers getting THE BEST experience in online gaming.

I can't wait to see the PS3tards try to spin this story!!!

L Ronald Hubbard3679d ago


Microsoft's high-end (lets say that again, high end) couldn't I mean COULDN'T even handle the vast metropolis of online gamers with the best experience?

Oh the comedy!

xD xD xD xD

Ice2ms3679d ago

live doesnt have servers

Shane Kim3679d ago

True, Live doesn't have servers. They cables are connected into my (Shane Kim) behind. And sometimes (often) when Live suffers from lag, it's couse I take a huge dump inside thos cables.

BLUR1113678d ago

This is N4G ofcourse they will

3678d ago
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MAR-TYR-DOM3679d ago

you guys be the judge
Peer 2 Peer (XBL) vs Dedicated Servers (PSN)

P2P although it works ... sometimes, is really outdated.

CEO OF N4G3679d ago

Big deal!!! So what if live has a few problems now.Both PSN and Xbox Live both have problems sometimes......

This should not be blown out of propotion and start another useless flame war about live or psn which is better.

Lord Anubis3679d ago

you get what you pay for right?

Kyur4ThePain3679d ago

That is true. But, there is a difference. If one is pay to play, and he other is free and both have occasional problems, which is better?

psnDevistator3563679d ago

Great connection when I play on pc and great when I say I play on ps3.

Not saying its perfect, but works pretty damn good. I mean it does what it needs, it doesn't make me a sandwich but that would be sweet.

MNicholas3679d ago

PSN has had occasional issues but the difference in quality between P2P and dedicated servers is like night and day. It's shocking that people are still being forced to pay.

Bubble Buddy3679d ago

I can't speak for XBL either but PSN is very stable. I don't know where people are saying left and right "LAG". I only lag if my torrents are on. Other than that, PSN is almost perfect for me. Just need to add cross game chat :) and music for all games? Please? :P

Time_Is_On_My_Side3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Correction: XBOX Live is a switched network (Client/P2P) and PlayStation Network has dedicated servers. This is why people pay for one while the other is free. Think of it like a big persistent online game, lol.

XBOX Live is like a cell phone company with each cell phone a video game, would be a good analogy and I say this everytime. With the PlayStation Network think of it like each cell phone has its own network instead of everyone being connected to a single point of failure.

In the end things always get blown out of proportion and since XBOX Live is a switched network there can generally be more problems online due to traffic than network connection. Usually when PlayStation Network has problems it's because of a player's connection strength not traffic (hence the 60 players online Resistance 2).

Traveler3679d ago

First of all, PSN is largely comprised of P2P connections. Only some games have dedicated servers. This a common misconception. Second, MS have reported 14 million Xbox LIVE users and you can easily tell by the number of people playing different games that there are a lot more people actively playing online at any given moment on LIVE than on PSN. Furthermore, I have had the exact opposite experience. My experience on LIVE is almost always smooth, but I have had tons of problems with certain games on PSN like the LBP, Socom, and Resistance 2. But whatever, people are just going to hate on Xbox LIVE because it isn't for the PS3.

BrianC62343679d ago

I don't care either way. Both systems work most of the time. I just have to laugh at people who say Sony should charge for their network because it will mean it won't happen. Even charging for service doesn't guarantee anything.

Martini3679d ago

Martyrdom - you don't know jack sh1t about network. Xbox live network is operated thru servers and games have either P2P or dedicated servers (if you do some research you will find that P2P often performs better then dedicated servers).

If you think that all PS3 games are on dedicated servers than you are in for a big surprise - most games including COD 4 are actually P2P and or optional dedicated serves (Rainbow Six vegas for example) just like on the 360.

So Live had a copula disconnects on Friday it's been fine today btw. big deal I guess it's time for sh1t slinging if you are a sony fanboy lol.

ChrisGTR13679d ago

i dont know why sony is so lazy or unprepared. EVERY SINGLE exclusive games that comes out the servers always crash for the first weeks. why cant they just get it right the first time? mgs4,socom,lbp,warhawk, its like they just never learn.

Mozilla893679d ago

But anyways I've used both mostly PSN though and there is no lag but I also don't know where this idea came from that the PSN has dedicated servers. The only game that I have that has dedicated servers is Warhawk, and maybe Resistance. I'm pretty sure all the rest are P2P but still I like free and frankly I haven't had any problems playing online.

cLiCK_sLiCK93679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Every single multiplatform game is P2P.
And chirs, just for your fyi, MGS4 is P2P. Get your facts strait.

ChrisGTR13679d ago

i never said it wasnt. and yes mgs4 servers did crash big time when it was launched. you couldnt even register a komani id or log in.

DaTruth3679d ago

All I know is I played a 30 vs 30 game last night that was smooth as butter. I couldn't play MGO or GTA online cause of lag, but Warhawk and R2 are amazing even on P2P. Orick 60 playaz FTW!!!!

scottmichael3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

[email protected] this thread

XBL has 14mill paid GOLD subscribers (not silver)

PSN 10million active users..... i have 25 active accounts on my ps3 from FIFA (kept recreating because i wanted 0%dnf), so this figure can be very misleading..... And the guy who wrote this article is a complete retard

This is the first time in a year XBL has played up for me.

PSN, while usually stable, nearly all big games this year ive had problems with.... but PSN is FREE, so i dont really have a problem with that...

But to compare the two on this basis is Annoyingly stupid

I wanna give the guy who wrote this artcile a slap, for being such a ignorant naive [email protected]

BLuKhaos3679d ago

Not every game on PSN has dedicated servers,just first and second party games but either way you're right since even first and second party 360 games run on (client/server)

JsonHenry3679d ago

I never really have a problem with either service.

jaysquared3679d ago

OMG.. Here we go again! Quit that PSN dedicated server crap! The only PSN games that have dedicated servers are the first party games! And that's if you play on Sony's official servers! Most of the serving done in PSN is P2P as well! Also all third party games are P2P...

thewhoopimen3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Exactly JaySquared. Through your twisted logic, I completely agree with you for once.

Let's face it guys both platforms feature a mix of dedicated/p2p networks. The key difference as Jaysquared so mockingly put it is the fact that Sony has a ton more 1st and 2nd party developers that offer dedicated servers. This is also why the generality that Sony's PSN has dedicated servers is true for the most part. Sony customers have ALOT more 1st party/2nd party support, and for some reason this is bad in Jay^1/3's eyes. Frankly, I prefer PSN's "general" dedicated network infrastructure to P2P. Torrents suck, dedicated servers win 90% of the time. On my connections i rarely see p2p network downloads over 100~200kb/sec. On dedicated servers, I've easily seen 300+ and as high as 700 kb/sec. It doesn't make sense to me that I should fork over money to MS when I'm leeching off someone else's bandwidth.

ofx3603679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

I find this to be a bit stupid. First, this would be the second time xbl has stopped working(I can't say of any other f-ups because i don't own a 360) which is admittedly bad but to say its worst than psn is just wrong. PSN has also had its share of problem right? Warhawk, Socom, LBP, and MGS4 ring any bells(by the by, thats more than 2 f-ups if you want to compare).

Secondly, lmao at people who think PSN is all dedicated servers and are dissing P2P. Just so you know fanboys--PSN mostly uses P2P.

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power of Green 3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

For both services and show you why one is harder to keep running.

Servers? lol if anything it is the flood of new gamers/xbox owners *as always*(also could be preping for NXE in some way too).

NickIni3679d ago

pavarotti and power of Green, if you hate this place so much then leave. Do us all a favour.

Having a larger online user base doesn't mean the experience is any better. I can find a match just as easily on the PSN as I can on XBL. I haven't had a problem with any online game on the PS3, and have only had a couple of experiences of lag. I went through a problem a while back of XBL not staying connected, rendering the service I paid for useless.

BattleAxe3679d ago

The best things in life are free.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Lol, the share numbers of gamers who don't know anything about networks is kind of strange to me. Lol, people think only first party developers have dedicated servers. One word, P...C... How do you think PC developers create online computer games? Sony's network is opened while Microsoft's is closed, done and done. All Sony has to do is create/handle PSN accounts, maintain Home, and the online store. The online games are in the hands of the developers. With Microsoft everything has to go through Microsoft in order to implement something new.

In simple terms for the ones lost PSN takes the best advantage from PC online games (opened network) and XBOX Live (accounts) to create PSN. XBOX Live is like a cell phone company like I said earlier and all developers need to do is make the cell phones. Dedicated servers can be made up of any type of network topology while XBOX Live (Switched Network) is fixed with client server disadvantages.

Done and done. This is from someone who actually reads books on networks instead of listening to sensationalized confirmation bias journalism.

mario8883678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I will never Play on XBOX LIVE until they put more Servers. You guy make me laugh. Hosting from XBOX360 or even PS3 greater than dedicated Gaming Server, LOLL.

Send an email to M$ asking them to please TAKE SOME OF THAT MONEY and put more dedicated Servers.

And anyone that states that P2P performs better than Server , Please explain a game with 32 max players connecting at the same time performs better on a 360 or even a workstation?

elorm93678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

"For both services and show you why one is harder to keep running.

Servers? lol if anything it is the flood of new gamers/xbox owners *as always*(also could be preping for NXE in some way too)"

I agree with your statement that it's most likely the new surge of Xbox owners jumping in (no pun intended). But thing here is that XBL is PAID for. So therefore there really shouldn't be issues with it. That's obviously why most games at launch don't have problems online, whereas other PS3 games online have their issues at launch.

But with these issues on a PAID service, you really have to wonder where your money is going. When you pay for something, you expect quality.

You also say that it's harder to run because of the features. How so? Sony has added new features to make PSN better and I haven't had problems connecting EVER (except maintenance) days

No Way3678d ago

Eh? I've only been kicked off once since the issues have been reported. I guess I'm lucky when it comes to xBox Live, as even last year at Christmas I didn't have any problems.

Bodhi3678d ago

You guys just love misinforming everyone don't you? Live hasn't really crashed outside of the USA. Personally, I crashed once for about 45 seconds, that's about it.

PSN is a great service for free, but LIVE has a lot more features. Personal preferences.

I doubt PSN would stay up if 14 million people download something, I doubt LIVE will either on Wednesday.

ofx3603678d ago

Also realize that sony will never have a true unified service because of the reasons you've listed. Making development even harder for devs if have want to or have to implement some features. Which in turn makes the quality of games or length i takes to make games worse.

Microsoft give devs the ability to have dedicated or P2P as long as they need it(just like PSN). The thing is, microsoft keeps everything unified(not allow sh*t like MGS4 sign ups to happen) and handles everything for the devs.

The only negative about a unified service is that a lot will experience the same problem(if there is one). OH and the negetive
about microsoft is that they're spotty on allowing creativity(Forza2 - N+)

thewhoopimen3678d ago

I don't mind a unified service and I can see the advantages you are pointing at... I just don't want Microshaft to be the one managing it.

Yipee Bog3678d ago

the past couple days while trying to find a game for Gears 2, that my connection will be interrupted to XBL or whatever. Don't know what the deal is with that, but usually reconnecting will do the trick. Its never happened in the middle of the match though

jaysquared3678d ago

If that' true then why do you need a $500 console?

BLuKhaos3678d ago

The PS3 is $399 not $499,second how do you know that he bought it himself?maybe it was given to him as a present or maybe he stole it,either way he got it for free.

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Megaton3679d ago

Can't speak for XBL, but I've never had an issue with the PSN in the year I've been using it. Even when it's down for maintenance you can login and play online, you just can't use the store.

CEO OF N4G3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Good question.I know what ur implying :)

I bet loads of 360 fan boys are not gonna like what u wrote ;-D

BobDog3679d ago

the only prob ive had with psn is that the sony europe noobs uploaded the old version of the r2 beta, thousands of people downloaded it before they realised that it was the wrong version. then they all had to download the correct version, wasted 2 gigs =( lol

but i guess thats not a problem, just noobiness

ultimolu3679d ago

I agree. I barely had any problems either.

scottmichael3679d ago

maybe im just unlucky... but the only things ive tried to do on PSN this year are

Play MGS4 online
Play SOCOM online
Play LBP online
Download Fifa 09 Demo
Play GTA4 online

All i couldnt do on release.

NickIni3679d ago

Strange. I could play LBP on release (UK release though) and same for MGS4. I even got that a day early and it's worked from launch.

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pwnsause3679d ago

its a p2p issue. Its probably due to the holiday rush. nothing major.

Nathaniel_Drake3679d ago

If its one day, I guess, but if its like last holiday year, then this shouldn't happen, anyway paying for something and having this happen is just awful, I mean you are paying for it, now if it was the only online resource then it happens but if other competition is there, PS3 and PC and to some extent Wii for free then there is a problem

pwnsause3679d ago

IF there is anything I do agree on though, is that XBL should be free.

iamtehpwn3678d ago

If you remember, XBL went down temporarily last Holiday season due to it. I was pissed because I wanted to play Halo 3 and I couldn't at the time.

I love PSN and I love XBL.
XBL over all is a lot more nice.
But PSN has all the same core features,
And when push comes to shove, it's nice having a Free, open, platform.

The Lazy One3678d ago

there are only peers once you are in the game. Connecting peers to other peers isn't handled by XBL nearly as much as the individual game. The connection to XBL is a dedicated server issue. The live servers get flooded and that's when people get booted. It has little to do with the P2P aspect of the service, as that wouldn't boot you from xbl, you'd just lose your connection to the host.

I'm sure it has a lot to do with them making sure their servers are ready for a 14 million user (minimum... that's just gold members) mass download on wednesday.

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Xbox live has more people not saying you cant find a game on psn...But far as stability goes Xbox live isn't that bad but psn seems more stable...

Martini3678d ago

What is your gamer tag on Live ?