PALGN: An Interview with Ashley Jenkins

Excerpt from interview:

PALGN: Joining us this week is Ashley Jenkins, Digital Site Manager for Xbox in the ANZ region and ex-Frag Doll. Now Ashley, the Frag Dolls, I find them really fascinating - first of all, thanks for actually joining us this week - do you want to give us a quick overview of exactly who the Frag Dolls are and I guess what you're doing now, now that you moved over to Australia?

Ashley Jenkins: Yeah, yeah sure. So what the Frag Dolls are is a team of ... it's an all-female team of gamers who compete on the professional circuits - on Xbox 360 - and also do a lot of education about women and gaming. I travel to a lot of events and try and get the word about female gamers out there to those who think that girls don't game.

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