Gamespot: How To Place Your Foot In Your Mouth

Recently Guy Cocker, a member of the crew over at Gamespot wrote a preview on the Killzone2 beta. The NDA was recently lifted for multiplayer, so you will find that most websites are starting to publish articles and information. The initial article was fine. Until he decided to make a complete ass out of himself by implying that the game had no destructible environments, or movable objects...

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Rick Astley3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Guy C0cker? With a name like that I'm surprised he hasn't killed himself yet.

Everyone knows that they're biased but the donkey f*ckers that run Edge magazine are even worse than GameSpot.

Bnet3433601d ago

lol censor bypass FTW. why cant we curse on N4G? it's not like this is a family site. you can curse on gametrailers forum but you cant curse on N4G, jesus christ

The Matrix3601d ago

Gamespot is usually a high quality game site but this time they were really stupid.

Megaton3601d ago

@1.2 - I've never seen GameSpot and "high quality" used in the same sentence before. Does not compute.

BkaY3601d ago

"i want whatever u r smoking" r u serious dude..... i mean comon...
.... bashing a game of specific console wouldn't make them high quality site....

Real Gambler3601d ago

C'mon, Gamespot articles are just there so they can get hits on their stupid website. They are one of the worst gaming website around. I guess those sunglasses are too dark, or you're really blind! : )

Bubble Buddy3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

As Rick says, can we take a guy with the name Mr. C0cker seriously providing he's from Gamespot?

psnDevistator3563601d ago

You can curse all you want on Gametrailers.

Exspecially for a site that survives on dabates.

I can't count how many times my post have been removed by
those sensitive mods.

3601d ago
pixelsword3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

...very biased, indeed.

I just don't go to those sites.

Instead of going to Gametrailers, I go to Instead of going to 1up, I go to Instead of going to Kotaku, I go to

problem solved.

ChrisGTR13601d ago

@pixelsword exactly! screw 1up, ign ,gamestop, GI screw everyone!!

when i want news that appeals to me , i go to sonydefenceforce , well either that or hiphop gamer , it makes no diffrence.

StephanieBBB3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Gametrailers has actually gotten better but they still praise gears2 like Microsoft sh*t a brick of gold on us all.

Back when MGS4 was new I didn't see half the commercialising and fuzz they make about gears2. Even LBP was kinda left in the dark with nothing more than a few trailers before it and nothing afterwards.

Anyhow I listen to reviews but I don't refer to them as a viable source, so I don't care how biased they are. Kinda sad that some do. My advice would be to treat reviews like your crazy friend that will say anything to sound smart but in reality you know that his full of sh*t. Kinda like I do with my friend ChrisGTR1 here above me =)

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Meus Renaissance3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

I seriously feel the Admins should consider including GameSpot into the blacklist of sites that are currently not allowed to be submitted from. Any news coming from that website is either mocked, dismissed, or ridiculed intensely because of their damaged credibility.

Previews on KillZone 2's Beta further weaken that credibility. So at the end day, who wants to read their information and more importantly, why are we submitting from them? It's not even news. Bias media outlets can exaggerate or downplay certain things in games, but what kind of outlet outright states "there is none" of something which is quite visibly in your face as videos, and gif animations clearly depict? I might as well right an article saying "Halo 3 may be based on a futuristic Marine Force fighting Aliens, but we don't see any evidence of these aliens" and submit that.

MiloGarret3601d ago

Seems a bit drastic to blacklist it Meus. While I agree that GS is mostly clowns, it's still a decent source of information with access to a lot of exclusive content/reports/previews/etc. You just got to take everything with a grain of salt considering a startingly large portion of what they produce is utter crap, or as in this case, an outright lie.

ruibing3601d ago

I really wouldn't mind if they go away. I used to be such a fan of Gamespot when they were the only ones doing video reviews with Greg Kasavin. He used to review games as one of the few journalist who enjoyed them (e.g. rewarding DMC3 for being difficult enough as to provide a sense of accomplishments). The site has been slowly going downhill ever since the man left, eventually turning into a pile of cynicism.

Gamespot hardly brings any exclusives at all anymore. Their on the spot video section is poorly constructed and way under par from the 1UP show. And their news are always behind some other website.

The only three places I go for reviews now are 1UP, IGN, and Gametrailers, while I don't always agree with their scores (especially IGN at times) they've at least been consistent.

Kush_Reaper3601d ago

Im so sick of this [email protected] site. All they do is give negative feedback on the ps3 or its games. Really, there are a ton of other credible sites that will accomodate in favor of gamespots dismisal. The gaming media has gone way downhill and gamespot led it a helping hand.

This sole reason is why my judgment is more credible that biased american site. And frankly all my games are have been AAA choises.


IzKyD13313601d ago

the guy's name is Guy C0cker (the filter won't let me say c-ck lol, even though thats his name), childhood must have been rough

tortella3601d ago

a guy with the name of GUcocker


hay3601d ago

Well, Phallic name, phallic review. /jk
I wonder if the guy(pun intented) ever played Killzone2.

jkhan3601d ago

That article was 110% accurate. Unfortunately its true, our gaming media is biased. I remember the recent terminology that "every enemy shoots at you is annoying" for R2, while the same thing was in COD4, Gears 1 and every other shooter out there. Similarly I am pretty sure the media will bash Killzone 2 reviews on saying it isn't CGI.
I stopped using Gamespot long time ago. I recommend everyone to do the same.

Cwalat3601d ago

jkhan couldn't described their biasoty any better...
they are douches... and no gamer should ever visit their website...
they even fired a great critic for being the one and only thing we want them to be... Honest..

Blademask3601d ago

When you have people literally making up negative things about it, you see how desperate idiots are getting to spin this thing down. Sucks that true good Developers like GG/Insomniac get to get the short end of the stick due to bias.

I just hope there is some sort of tech side gaming community that gives these developers credit for making strides in gaming development. If there is no reason to push the envelope this generation of games, I guess we can all call it quits. Make every game an unreal engine multi platform game, and just churn out the same thing over and over for 60 bucks.

Mozilla893601d ago

People would love to see the game crash and burn because it will make them feel better for predicting it. Too bad its not gonna happen! There will be some people that will give it low scores for not being exactly like the CG trailer and some people will give it low scores because its a PS3 exclusive, yes outside of N4G the world is harsher on the PS3.

Ryo-Hazuki3601d ago

I know IGN is going to give killzone 2 the score it deserves

austere3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Agreed. I check out reviews from various sites and Gamespot is one of the worst. I also enjoy Gametrailer's reviews but they are some of the worst at having a biased against the PS3 for some reason. In their Resistance 2 review one of the negative things they said about the game was "It has guns from Resistance 1". Really? Wow.... In the Motorstorm PR review they complained that the "boost sound is annoying" and "it should of had destruction derby mode". It's pretty laughable some of the things they pull out of their ass to give a game a lower score. Most people just complain about that they gave MGS4's story score a lower score than Halo 3 I believe tho. Laughable as well but to me what is more laughable is a game like Gears of War can get a higher story score than other games when GoW's story is obvious it's weakest quality. In that case I believe they just inflate the individual category scores in order to get away with what score they want to give for the final number.

Only site I truly look too for an unbiased (I believe) review is IGN.

DiabloRising3601d ago

Indeed Austere. All I want is some consistency. If you are going to mark one game down for a bad story, then do the same with... wait for it, all games with bad story!

Don't piss and moan about Resistance 2's story being mediocre, then also say Gears 2's story is mediocre, then say it doesn't matter, and give it a perfect score for example.

callahan093601d ago

A lot of people have crapped on IGN for a long long time, but they've been the only site I go to since the PSone era. I always hated GameSpot, but I admit that the original reason I hated them was because of their site layout in the 90's. I bet many here don't remember that far back, but if you wanted to find a review, you just got a big list of gamers in a tiny box with a scroll bar (all consoles included, no category separation, and no search tool), and it was a royal pain in the butt to get where you wanted to go. The format made me hate the site. Then, when they fixed the format and I started reading their reviews, I realized that they do not share my opinions, so I stopped going there.

I've always liked IGN though. Their pay-for-extras network is kinda crap and I've never subscribed to it, but I've always liked the site layout and the free membership features are nice. But when it really comes down to it, I simply very rarely disagree with their reviewers, so they're a good barometer for me as far as knowing which games I'm going to like.

They've given great scores to some games that I didn't really like, but none that I hated. They've given horrible scores to some games that I did like, but none that I loved. So... all in all, I guess they've never deviated from my own true opinions all that much. If I was going to recommend one place to go to see which games you should think about playing based on arbitrary review scores, I supposed I'd have to go with IGN

And no, I wouldn't go with Metacritic... they would be the LAST place I'd recommend. People get a false sense of security from that site... like, whatever the average critic thinks must be the way it is, but remember, that site takes an aggregate from all the opinionated people who loved something, hated something, and in many cases are just plain biased towards or against something, and you put it all together and you get some muddy number that is really pretty damn meaningless.

supremacy3601d ago

@jkhan 4-
you stop a while ago? i stopped visiting gamespot about a decade ago lol they are poor as pathetic really they are, it just so happens that they are supported by a bigger outlet than them, thats the only reason why they are still around to this day.

ruibing3601d ago

IGN has its own problems. I like how they separate the editors to different teams, but their reviews aren't always non-controversial. For example, I just don't agree with how they rated Motorstorm 2 lower than Motorstorm 1 for not being as fresh. I firmly believe if game B is better than game A, it deserve a higher score.

yanikins1113601d ago

@ blademask

i think this is the game sony need to advertise. if it gets enough airtime with "THIS IS INGAME FOOTAGE" across the screen, it wont matter what the media say. they need at least minute long adds, and not those gay "this is living" things. something like the start of cloverfield "this recording was confiscated by vektan security agents" then a montage of crap blowing up...

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