PGNx: LittleBigPlanet Review

PGNx writes: "Media Molecule's debut title is quite clever.

LittleBigPlanet, conceptually, is where human imagination rests-the place that contains our collective untapped creativity. The game contains eight worlds, each of which has different themes ranging from Japan (with plenty of ninjas) to Mexico. Each of these worlds contains three or four levels, which can be completed in about ten minutes. Each level also has an additional challenge, which extends beyond the traditional platforming gameplay. You explore the levels sequentially, but you can replay levels to find items you missed, which allow you unlock additional stickers and costumes.

Calling LittleBigPlanet a platformer would be misguided, though, since the game places such a heavy emphasis on customization and user creation. You can customize your characters and levels with costumes and find extras that extend the replayability of the game. These extras include things like hot air ballon races, and are fun since the actual platforming elements are basic. Further, each level is so wonderfully designed and clever that you can't help but want more once you're done playing. In a way, the levels are there to serve as inspiration for the game's thorough level creation system."

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