RUMOR: SOCOM Delayed In Europe Until 2009?

RUMOR: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe communicates to Arena 51 that the release of SOCOM: Confrontation has been moved. The tactical shooterhas been delayed from 28 November to the first quarter of 2009 its debut makes on Blu-ray and the PlayStation Network.

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infamous_273381d ago

thats probably when the US version will be complete with all the patches...

Cwalat3381d ago

good.. for all the gamers that doesnt want broken online experience

PoSTedUP3381d ago

sorry to say that this game should have been delayed all together, but the funny thing is... i cant stop playing it!

Cwalat3381d ago


yeah that's socom for you... addictave as DRUGS...

dude_uk3381d ago

but any of you know how I can get my blog post approved quicker?

PopEmUp3381d ago

ask bloodmask for that

StephanieBBB3380d ago

How am I now suppose to get ahold of the new PS3 headset? =(

Coheno3380d ago

The headset isn't delayed. It will probably still be sold seperatly on the 28th...

JsonHenry3380d ago

Well, as it stands now they are not going to be missing much based on what I have played of the game.

chasuk083380d ago

This game really never stood a chance anyway. If it was realesed in the next week or so it would be destroyed by Call of duty and Resistance 2, and when it gets released in January it will be destroyed by Killzone 2.

Plus anyone who really wants it would of already imported it.

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3381d ago
Bren863381d ago

The games terrible. Don't even bother with it.

HighDefinition3381d ago

It`s really fun, it just came out to early.

Panthers3381d ago

I have no online issues anymore and when 1.30 comes out it should be great.

Bren863380d ago

Its not. Was in the beta and played the final game, still complete crap. Its obvious how crap the game is these days. I mean look how popular socom 2 was compared to this one.

Dragunov3381d ago

Good, i hope sony releases it in a better form, no way i will buy this mess

Raoh3381d ago

LOL i agree with PoSTedUP

weazle3381d ago

yep, the game is very fun the way it is right now. It will only continue to get better. I am glad that I didn't listen to all of the haters and got this game anyway.

PoSTedUP3381d ago (Edited 3381d ago )

i was kinda disappointing with the servers in the beginning, but when that was fixed.... it was socom at its BEST. cant wait for the next patch, i believe it will make this game go from an 8.8 to a 9.3 in my perspective.

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The story is too old to be commented.