New Pub at Microsoft is a sign there will be a Third Generation Xbox 720

It came out today that the Seattle pub/restaurant Spitfire is going to be expanding to the new office building at Microsoft's campus in Redmond. This building is going to house Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices division that runs the Zune, Xbox and Surface business.

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GWAVE3678d ago

Most people expected another Xbox. The REAL question is when will it hit?

Methinks 2010 or early 2011.

tehReaper3678d ago

Yeah I'm thinking 2011. If it comes out before that, I may hold off on getting it until some decent games or features are released.

The Matrix3678d ago

I hope Microsoft makes a better functioning 360 and supports it for at least another 4-5 years although I don't see that happening.

jaysquared3678d ago

The fact that the Wii and the PS3 launched in 2006 I dont see Nintendo and Sony coming out with another console in 2010. I think M$ will milk the 360 and expect the next console at 2011. 6 years later isnt' too bad. But if they do come out with one at 2010 I wouldn't be suprise as well. I wonder what kind of new features it will give us. I'd expect it to have Blu Ray just in time for the MASS MARKET to start adopting the technology.

Bodhi3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I'm quite open to the idea of a new Xbox, hopefully with alien technology and nuclear powered CPUs. Now we're talking next generation!

I'd buy one if the price is right, no more than $399. They could make it as cheap as they wanted, as long as it is super reliable. It damn well better be reliable Microsoft.

Seeing how the Crysis developers have cited that this generation will probably hit a graphics wall sometime soon, hopefully this Xbox will break that graphics wall.

No motion controls either Microsoft, I don't need no gimmick.

It better have thousands of features and Windows or Zune intergration too.

hay3678d ago

Well, it took 4 years to substitute XBox with Xbox360, I think we may seen first info in 2009 and it may go out in 2010.

psnDevistator3563678d ago

they might actually try to get a 4 or 5 year head start on sony.


RussDeBuss3678d ago

i would imagine that whilst the 360 is still selling they wont release the new console, the only reason they killed the original xboxb early and released the 360 when they did was because the original was late into the game and suffered for it, and they were desperate to beat sony in this gen so rushed the 360, and it showed with rrod and dvd9 as standard, which also forced sony to release ps3 early, which showed with the lack of quality dev tools out at relese, and devs complaining about not having dev kits til late

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Panthers3678d ago

That is so soon though. This gen has not even really gotten into full swing.

IdleLeeSiuLung3678d ago

Not really, this is basically in the middle of the cycle for MS, and 2011 would be around 5 years. MS will probably try to beat the competition again by releasing their next console early, especially considering their 360 prices are reaching mainstream. How much more can they drop the price.

Most likely a new Wii will co-incide with the next Xbox around 2011-12 (is my guess).

I'm all for a shorter cycle, with backwards compatibility support!

GWAVE3678d ago

@ IdleLee

You're all for shorter console life spans? I'm the exact opposite. I used to be an Xbox owner (and a Nintendo/SEGA fan before that) but I was disappointed that the Xbox was dropped after only 4 years, especially since I bought one in Year 3. I am now a Sony supporter because I bought a PS2 and it is STILL being supported by new games. I also bought a PS3 because Sony plans to support it for 10+ years. I can't understand why people would actually want to buy a new system every 5 years when they can buy one console and have it be supported for twice the time...

miniduf13678d ago

While i agree with you in terms of money issues. I like the fact that every five years i could a new system with a lot of new features and better graphics.

GWAVE3678d ago

@ miniduf

I don't. If I wanted to do that, I would invest in my PC (which I do, because I'm also a big PC gamer). Consoles shouldn't be like PCs. You shouldn't have to upgrade every 5 years. The PS1 and PS2 (and soon the PS3) proved that. They also proved that you can have groundbreaking, AAA titles in those years after the 5-year mark. God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, and Rogue Galaxy ring a bell (not to mention every EA Sports and 2K Sport game).

History shows that the longer a console lasts the more innovation you'll see on a fundamental gameplay level. As gamers, isn't that what we want?

Bnet3433678d ago

If you ask me it got into full swing holiday 2007. look at all the games that came out that year. all were quality.

Bodhi3678d ago

Yeah, holiday season of 2007 was basically this generation's Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando and Halo 2. Right in the midst of the generation. The Shadow of Colossus and the late stuff will be around 2009-2010.

thenickel3678d ago

I want the next box by 2010 and couldn't imagine trying to wait for 10 years. Thank God MS came out with the 360 and pushed the next generation forward. If it had of been Sony and there strange ways then we would of been stuck having to play crap looking PS2 games for 2 more years or so. Sure you could buy a PC but why when your a console gamer. If it bugs you that much with MS releasing it's consoles every 5 years then just stick with what you have and leave it at that. Some you act like Sony had a choice to drop the PS2 if they wanted when they didn't at that's why it's still around. Not even trying to start nothing here but people who only support Sony because of stuff like Gwave said sound so retarded to me.

kopicha3678d ago

what GWAVE say isnt retarded. he does have his point and what he says actually makes sense. its about how wisely you spend. by assuring a long term support in a product is at the same time showing to the consumers that they care about their customer's investment rather than keep dropping what they already establish and come up with new things and think of each and every way to milk their customers. so can i presume you are one of those 360 retard fanboy knowing that the hardware has high breakdown rate yet can blindly buy 2-3 xbox360 within one generation. and pay for some service which are meant to be free and allow m$ to milk the sh1t out of you?

its just like taking a f2p mmo vs a p2p mmo. like for example wow where its p2p, blizz will keep adding new content new stuffs new gears n etcs etcs to keep their cust happy. althou you pay every mth to play it but you are consistently paying the same rate and you will keep getting new stuffs. where f2p mmo usually comes with item mall, and what they do is instead of adding new content they add new items on item mall luring you to purchase them. and those who get hook by it will just blindly buy and buy and buy and eventually you spend more than what you should spend on a regular p2p game. while most ppl always say the game is free n etcs but they never realize how transparent those transactions are. so Sony is like a p2p mmo and M$ is like a f2p mmo if you get the logic. Sony make you pay a little more up front but there is no more transparent transaction afterwards where M$ are trying to show ppl they have the cheapest console out there but eventually you might spend more than you should. i believe someone who buy 360 since day 1 of release, assuming he bought a new 120GB HDD, a wifi adapter and probably even the HD-DVD drive before it was dead. along with the money he spend over the past 2 years on XBL. its even more than someone who bought a PS3 since day one. do the maths.

thenickel3678d ago

Actually I did buy 3 360's at launch and had to send 1 back for warranty which was covered unlike my ps2's and ps1 a year and a half later. MS has shown me more love then Sony ever has and for you to come out saying whatever in his defense is hilarious. Also I don't have to do any math and have been purchasing plenty of PS3's as well as 360's for quite some time now. If you guys want to wait ten years for the PS4 then go ahead but I will always jump on the next big thing.

SkyGamer3678d ago

While I agree with you that the Xbox was real short, only reason why ps2 is still supported is because they make a lot of profit and have such a huge user-base. I am sure that if Ninty or MS had the same success, they would still be supported and the fact that MS owned the ip of the original Xbox components. I hope that this "forward Compat" is for real. Imagine a pc/X360/XNEXT user base. Pretty wild if true!

AAACE53677d ago

The price of a console tells when the next one will come out!

When we are getting closer to a new console, you will see MS drop one of their SKU's until they are left with 1 (maybe 2), and the price for it will be close to the $150 mark.

Seeing how MS are still selling consoles for $300-$400... I say we are still a ways from a new one yet!

The new console will be announced in 2010,when the price of a 360 will be around $150-$200, and will release holiday 2011.

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Cwalat3678d ago

if they release another one, i give them my best wishes... and hopefully.. an ape wont design the hardware so that the rate of failure is low this time around...

and if they don't add free online this time, im seriously gonna visit them and spit on their faces..

AngryTypingGuy3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I second that. I think they will take their time and make sure the hardware is reliable before releasing it to the public this time around. The biggest reason I know they Money is the language that MS, and any other big corporation, Sony and Nintendo included, speaks. They don't want another billion dollar design flaw.

As far as free online play, don't hold your breath. In the future, PSN will either catch up with, or become close to the quality of Xbox Live. Let's face it, there can only be so many innovative features on a service like those. When that happens, I think either one of two things will happen: 1) Live becomes free - I would love to see this over number 2. 2) Sony realizes they can bring in more money by charging for PSN accounts. I see 2 as more likely. Afterall, Sony knows that if they charge and piss off some people, it's not like they could jump over to Xbox and play for free, so unless people want to play kiddie games on a Nintendo system that barely supports live play, they just suck it up. Then again, I could be wrong on both accounts, you never know in this business.

Magic_The_Celt3678d ago

and then the 360 will be completely abondoned.

GWAVE3678d ago

No surprise there. Yet Xbox fanboys will defend Microsoft all the same.

Keele3678d ago

And the moment Microsoft abandons the 360, Sony will slowly begin to abandon the Ps3 till it's abandoned completely.

GWAVE3678d ago

@ Keele

Exactly. Just like Sony abandoned the PS2 right when the 360 came out. Oh wait.

Maybe it was just like Sony abandoned the PS2 right when the PS3 came out. Oh wait.

You can cross your fingers and pray to Bill Gates all you want, but Sony has proved time and time again that they will support their hardware with AAA titles much longer than the competition.

Magic_The_Celt3678d ago

just like they abandoned the ps2 uh?...OH WAIT! its still selling strong

hows the original xbox doing? LMFAO thats what i thought

Cwalat3678d ago

you do know PS2 still outsells 360 in many areas right?

and the PS2 is doing really well compared to xbox 1... right?

can you even find a place where they sell xbox anymore?

Keele3678d ago

I never said Ps2 wasn't selling, I said Sony abandoned it when they went with Ps3 and they did.

Argue, whine, try to prove me wrong, but that's the way it is.


JohnnyChimpo3678d ago

Ya the PS2 is still selling strong, Sony still makes games for it ( rarely ) but there still pushing it out, MS completely abandoned the original Xbox absolutely no games are made for it anymore *cough* dreamcast *cough*, when you compare the PS2 to the Xbox, you cannot say Sony abandoned the PS2. So to make the CLAIM that Sony will abandoned the PS3 is absurd, especially seeing as how Sony has an excellent track record for their consumers with the PS1, PS2, and now PS3. MS does not, in fact they've screwed their consumers. They gave you a console, then yanked it away saying, " it just cost us too much to make, even though we are a multi-billion dollar company, we will not fork over cash for you the consumer. BTW heres the Xbox 360, enjoy that for a few years then repeat process. "

Where as Sony is losing money on the production of PS3, but continues to pump it out, and add these incredible firmware updates that continue to make the PS3 the ultimate media hub. They also say screw exclusive DLC, why do that when we can have our studio's make you a whole new game with innovative ideas. PLUS the PS3 hasn't even been close to being maxed out, designers are still unveiling new ideas because their starting to understand the advanced coding you must do to achieve the level of graphics and gameplay that all PS3 consumers have seen with MGS4, Uncharted, LBP, and now Killzone 2. Shaders are the new next gen, it's not about Poly's anymore, and the 360 is designed to push immense poly's, the PS3 boasts incredible shaders, lighting, draw distance, etc.

It's time for all 360 fans who haven't tried the PS3, to go out and try it. The sh!t you can do on this machine is incredible, the possibilties for media presentations are endless. And these firmware updates are just getting better.

Denie, denie, denie, but MS track record is garbage and you the consumer will find that out when they drop a new console and abndoned the 360!

AngryTypingGuy3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Actually I think this is a case where MS has learned from Sony. They see Sony's business model and how they are STILL making money from the PS2, while building up the PS3 at the same time.

The only reason Xbox 1 was abandoned was because they hard drive was bleeding them financially. They'll look to keep making profits by supporting the 360 for awhile, while at the same time building up the 720, or whatever it's called.

I guess Sony is good for something besides making you wait 2-3 years to play a great game after all.

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thenickel3678d ago

Well if they went with Intel I think they might release the next box in late 2010.

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