Recently Aquired Massive will produce MMO for Ubisoft


"Ubisoft recently acquired Massive Entertainment, the developers behind the acclaimed World In Conflict Series, and Massive could go to no better home I might add. So it came as no surprise today to find out Massive Entertainment will in fact be making a new brand MMO for Ubisoft, their new parent company."

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Immortal Kaim3652d ago

Interesting, Ubisoft in the MMO space.

gaminoz3652d ago

Hmm a strategy-maker changing to a MMO-maker. Will it work?

XboxOZ3603652d ago

I can't see how it won't work, seeing that the company responsible for the MMO genre' is the one making the game/s for Ubisoft . . .a wise move actually. Acquire a specialised company for a specific genre', give them the financial backing they may not have had access to long term, and set them lose on making a new IP, which they may well of had in the pipeline before the acqisition, but simply could not afford to follow up on it ?

Knowing Ubi, they will not hamper Massive when it comes to doing what they do best, which is something EA has learnt not to do now.