Toronto Thumbs: Fable II Review

Toronto Thumbs writes: "I've been in the spire ten years. Ten years during which I witnessed and was forced, sadly, to commit some horrible acts. Bruised and worn with a new haircut and makeover, I've returned to my devoted husband and the nine-year-old child who has never known me. My husband is pleased to see me. After he introduces me to our child, I take him to the bedroom of our cottage and make love to him. During this he nervously asks, "What did they do to you in there?" He also assures me that he will love me whatever I look like but then points out that even I have to admit that right now I don't look that great. I guess ten years in the spire has left me more scarred than I thought. With a comment like that I guess he didn't really deserve the emerald I just gave him.

An orphan born into a medieval world, the young protagonist grows up and, with her loyal dog at her side and under the guidance of a gypsy witch, she sets out upon a quest to unite three heroes and fulfill her destiny. A fairly straightforward premise enriched by a level of interaction I can't remember ever experiencing on the Xbox before."

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