Ace Gamez: Fatal Fury: Battle Archives Volume 1 Review

Ace Gamez writes: "

Where I grew up, there were only two options; you were either a Street Fighter II fan or a Mortal Kombat fan; it was Capcom or Midway and nothing in between. Well, there was not playing videogames, but that was never a legitimate option. Later on in life, I have come to discover that there was a third way all along, albeit a hidden and circuitous way, a name whispered in hushed tones, revered but never really understood. That third way was Fatal Fury, SNK's almost forgotten revolution in two-dimensional brawlers, a game that paved the way for the legendary King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown series, a game that was on the verge of slipping away into obscurity - until now. A repackaged re-release has hit the shelves, bundling together four classic editions of the game, but is Fata Fury: Battle Archives Volume 1 worth growing a mullet again and picking up another neon shell suit for this trip back to the early Nineties? Pull on your fingerless gloves, cut off the sleeves of whatever jacket you're wearing and come with me to find out."

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