Yakuza 3 - New screenshots

SEGA published some new Yakuza 3 screenshots. Check them below.

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TheColbertinator3653d ago

I really hope they bring the game here

LarVanian3653d ago

Same here. This game has some of the best graphics I've seen on consoles. The character models are very detailed and look near real, the environments are gorgeous and have lots of variations.
This game not only shows what the PS3 is capable of but also shows what Sega themselves are capable of.

I think Sony should try and get Sega to release both Yakuza 3 and Kenzan in US/PAL territories in 2009. It would not only help PS3 by a degree but would also supply us with another great game.

Cwalat3653d ago

I couldn't possibly agree more...
there is nothing else i want from them.. other than releasing it :P

360 man3653d ago

WAT are u kidding me does new screens graphics are crap

sinny3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Release Kenzan alreadyyyyyyyyy

Gambit073653d ago

The graphics look too PS2-ish in those pics, hope the finished product will look better, also I'm sure the reason Sega decided to bring Y2 over is so that they'll bring Y3 over eventually.

360 man3653d ago

how do these graphics look unbeleiveably good

there just average

tee_bag2423653d ago

Yeah this serious is awesome. Cant wait - Graphics looks awesome in most screens. Hopefully its as fun as the previous games