Ace Gamez: SingStar Boybands vs Girlbands Review

Ace Gamez writes: " With every consecutive SingStar release on the close to death PS2, Sony has to try harder to secure an amazing track list of thirty songs that will appeal to a wide audience with varying music tastes. This is easier said than done and for every game where the songs complement each other perfectly there's a SingStar '90s where the blend of genres just aches for less diversity. A SingStar game can fall into either one of these categories, with not much middle ground - so, where does the new Boybands vs Girlbands edition fit in?

The idea behind Boybands vs Girlbands is apparent from the get-go: a battle of the sexes for pop band supremacy. And while this tacky line would be more suited for the PR of a dodgy shovelware title, it is true of this SingStar release. Whether your choice of band is Bros and Mcfly or Bananarama and Sugababes, there's some pop classics here for you to enjoy. There are fifteen songs each for the boys and the girls, adding up to the usual thirty-strong track list that SingStar fans are used to, albeit with some medleys thrown in for good measure. The game hasn't changed at all, with the same menus, options, layout and overall look that the series has sported for the last few years; this is merely a track pack and nothing more."

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