Ace Gamez: Order Up Review

Ace Gamez writes: "These days, everyone wants in on the cooking game market. There's the daddy (or mama) of them all, Cooking Mama, a chef who has three games to her name, with another on the way next year and even real life chefs are trying their hand; Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey are in the process of hopping onto the Nintendo bandwagon. The chances are that Ubisoft has released a chef game that ends in a Z somewhere down the line; the market is more than saturated, which is why you might be wondering if Order Up! is worth a look. There's no big name on the cover and there's plainly no cooking mama either, so why choose this over the competition? Well, the answer is simple: while it isn't a high profile release, Order Up! is the most fun I've had on the Wii since Smash Bros, high praise for a game where you have to wait for your food to cook in the oven. Is it really that good?"

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