Ace Gamez: Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Review

Ace Gamez writes: "In the past, the annual tangos between PES and its main rival FIFA were little more than mere formalities, strictly one-sided affairs with EA's title, resplendent in an outfit tailored to extenuate its fine features and encrusted with its expensive, licensed jewels, left completely flat-footed by the superior skills of Konami's game, which by comparison looked like a hick from the sticks who could barely string together a dosido. However, prancing around in football boots is about as risky as trying to do the same thing in high heels and last year Pro Evo got its routine badly wrong and ended up falling right on its face. So with this season's FIFA already receiving a 9 for its performance in our PS3 review how will pro Evolution Soccer 2009 fare? Well, ladies and gentlemen, please clear the floor because we've got a dance off on our hands."

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r1sh123658d ago

this guy must be getting paid by EA, how 1 sided is this review.
The stats tell you everything, PES is the number 1 game in europe.
Its better then the last by miles
everyone who had fifa is now playing pes!

jromao3657d ago

This "author" isn't included on them, what he writes describes is FIFA 09 problems and the review title is PES 2009, even gameplay is better than ever and he gives it a 7/10, try to invent arguments to push PES 2009 down, of course he's under payment.