The Escapist Editorial: Little Big Mess

Sean Sands from The Escapist writes:

"Media Molecule has a hit on its hands, and all the problems and headaches that go along with it. Having assembled a minor to medium phenomenon on the PlayStation 3 with the release of Little Big Planet, a game burdened already with high expectations, the developers now appear to be sweating in the spotlight, conflicted between concerns about intellectual property litigation and satisfying the unpredictable whims of a consumer base with a game that must rely in large part on community participation.

Amid the conflicts, over-reactions and mandates that are even now still roiling between creators, consumers and corporations, we have a perfect example of an issue sure to continue troubling the gaming industry for the foreseeable future. Where is the balance between fair use and infringement? Who is responsible for illegal actions, the offender, the provider of a medium or both? How can game developers serve the desires of creative individuals while simultaneously being the de facto protectors of every intellectual property on the planet? Is client-supplied content ultimately doomed in the current litigious climate?"

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Johnny Rotten3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

the very last line to describe the person who wrote this article (Sean Sands) says this:

"Sean Sands is the co-founder of and a freelance games writer who was sincerely disappointed to find his LBP level "Luke and Leia Make a Porno" deleted ten seconds after completion".

Sorry buddy you can't make porn, you can't copy levels of games that were created 20yrs ago (you can just don't make it so damn noticeable) and I'm sad to say that the level I created about torture and hell will never make it to the masses. Feel free to check out the other 98% of users creativity, there's some good stuff out there.

I suggest keeping your level locked and play/share it amongst you and your friends if your so worried.

ultimolu3655d ago

This is a kid friendly game. You don't make offensive levels like that and don't expect the developers to take action against it. That's ruining the game for others.

No FanS Land3655d ago

Yeah some people will never behave accordingly. Now with that controversy, I'm thinking that it finally was a good choice from Activision not to let people record lyrics. Ah too late i'm already getting strange images...

pansenbaer3655d ago

It sounds more like he is complaining about how they are taking down stuff that is related to other IPs (Mario, Sonic, etc.) I mean, yeah its obvious that you shouldn't make a level with walking penises and stuff, but it wasn't clear at the start that people couldn't copy levels/games that they have seen and played before. I wanted to make an Adventure Island level clone, but now I don't want to waste my time to see it deleted. I think they should leave it alone until the original creator complains. Do you really think Hudson is going to come around and sue? I just hope that ICO level doesn't get taken down. Anybody played that? Absolutely amazing level.

Lastlivingsoul3655d ago

I have been working on a level for over a week now and I'm very near completion. I'm kinda proud of it. I didn't copy off of anything except LBP itself, and didn't put in anything offensive. I'm just wondering if the level got deleted would it be deleted from just the server or would it completely cease to exist, because the latter would suck. I'm not sure if the levels save to your hard drive or not. I think they should take a chance to review levels and if there is a problem, give you the opportunity to edit your work.