Chinatown Wars to feature almost the entire map from GTA IV

A Spanish magazine recently got their hands on Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the DS and discussed map details. It looks as though the game will feature a similar map as GTA IV, though without Alderney...

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ape0073655d ago

I want the gta 5 to FEATURE that trademark gta gameplay quality seen in gta 3 series

Rick Astley3654d ago

Chinatown Wars also features identical graphics to GTA IV.

thor3654d ago

I want to see GTA5 freshen up the game. In each successive installment since 3, I got bored quicker and quicker just because I'd seen it all before. I couldn't even be bothered to complete San Andreas. I want to see attention to detail in general terms of believability, without just adding in gimmick features like haircuts.

But of course I agree. GTA3 was a huge leap ahead of GTA2 (which was awesome to begin with), yet since then, we've not seen a major step forwards, and some would say that despite the graphics and story, GTA4 was a step BACK.

shadowghost7523654d ago

the game still looks like crap though

DarkBlood3654d ago

what did you expect it to look like lol

chanmasta3654d ago

... wait to play this game!!! :D

Magic_The_Celt3654d ago

i dunno why they didnt just go with a Wii game

then they could have achieved something almost gta psp quality haha

Sari3654d ago



What's that screenshot? Are we going to be treated with that for the game? I can't even see what that is.

Anyway, that's nice... I guess... if you're going to play the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.