Rumor 101: Halo 3 Recon Details?

Here are a few tidbits about Halo 3: Recon that have been floating around. Viewers are advised to take the information dump with a couple of vodka shots and a pinch of lime and salt:

Halo 3: Recon remains a first person shooter. Luke smith was absolutely right on not calling it by other names.

Although Bungie's Joe Staten states that "we do not view this as a $60 title" and most players already know the game lasts only for 3-5 hours depending on the difficulty, Microsoft might be planning to release the maps on Live at a price for the hardcore multiplayer enthusiasts.

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Nice3621d ago

the franchise to death like any other successful videogame franchise,the question remains will the quality and levels of satisfaction remain constant with all of them?

The Matrix3620d ago

For $30 or less I'll buy this game.

Panthers3620d ago

If it is good, I dont see how they are milking it. Only once the games become poor and cheap are they milking the franchise.

I love the Halo universe just like I love the Resistance one. You could say that Resistance Retribution is the same thing, but I will probably be getting that. And I would get Halo Recon if I had a 360 (hell, that Circiut City deal sounds great)

3620d ago
aggh im on fire3620d ago

well at least there not chucking them out every year i suppose. Im talking the real bungie ones not the spin off Halo wars.
Im sure Recon will we be good. Judging by thr rumour of grittier and darker gampplay it will be interesting to see how it compares to other gritty shooters. And will it effect the feel of Halo?
I look forward to finding out.

Xi3620d ago

I want to see how bungie pull off this more stealth styled game. Hopefully they use it as a testing ground for other projects they have in the works.

Foxgod3620d ago

This is very welcome to me :), halo 3 was a fun game.

GWAVE3620d ago

In other words, they are going to milk milk milk milk it to death and kill any potential greatness that the franchise had.

Foxgod3620d ago

would it be good for a franchise to never release a game in its series again ?

i dont recall mario being killed off, it just depends on what you do with it, now on how much of it you bring out.

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The story is too old to be commented.