Ace Gamez: Zubo Review

Ace Gamez writes: " One genre that I have a particular dislike for is one that seems to sell very well in recent times - I'm talking about your Singstars, Guitar Heros and various other games that can be categorised under the 'music' genre. When Zubo fell into my lap and I saw that it was all about the music, I felt downhearted and sure that I would garner little enjoyment from it. However, as I delved further into the manual, I noticed that it wasn't just about the music and tapping your stylus to a beat; while music and timing are an important part of the gameplay, there are role-playing elements within its structure too. I played on to see if Zubo could change my view on a genre that so far has offered nothing to me.

Zubo starts off in a colourful and zany way when you befriend Zubos to battle Zombos in Zubalon (yes, it's quite a mouthful). You control the game via a third person perspective, dragging your stylus along the screen to move your character and open various objects. You move around each location until you reach your goal and, just like any worthy role-playing game, there are side quests to be found along the way. Upon completing some of the quests you befriend more Zubos, so it's well worth trying to accomplish these because you'll need all the allies you can get. There are several maps to progress through, although it's a fairly linear experience, as you are directed where to go for the majority of the time. The top DS screen displays an overview of the current area, so you can see if there are any nooks or crannies that you've missed along the way, which often hide balloons or boxes containing various goodies."

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