Ace Gamez: Dead Space Review

Ace Gamez writes: "While LittleBigPlanet has shown that a unique and innovative approach to videogame development can successfully launch a new intellectual property, Dead Space has provided irrefutable proof that a new IP can be launched on the back of well crafted, unhurried development and the desire to produce a thoroughly polished final product - and that is what really sums up Dead Space: polished. It may not provide genre-altering innovation and it's far from being unique, but when a game is this well put together, and this much fun, it really doesn't matter.

From the get go, Dead Space wears its influences on its sleeve; imagine if you will a hybrid of Resident Evil 4 and BioShock and you're half way there. It could be viewed as a negative you can immediately draw comparisons with other games; however, the stature of the company it keeps and the distinction with which it holds this position should be a clear indication of the quality of Dead Space. Resident Evil 4 and BioShock are two modern day masterpieces - arguably two of the greatest videogames ever made - so the fact that Dead Space can be held in comparison so favorably speaks wonders for EA's development team and is certainly testament to title's overall level of quality. From the moment you enter the world of Dead Space, you are engulfed by the expertly crafted sense of dread that runs through every inch of its design; from the exceptional visual quality and outstanding art design to its simply phenomenal audio, Dead Space grabs your attention like a hammer blow to the head and rarely relinquishes its grip on your senses for the duration of its ample running time."

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