Ace Gamez: Mechanic Master Review

Ace Gamez writes: " In the mid-nineties I had the pleasure of playing a PC game called The Incredible Machine, back when games were on floppy disk (ah, those were the days, when the Microsoft Puzzle collection had to be installed from three floppies) and fancy graphics were as yet unseen. My love for this game continued when, earlier this century, Sierra revamped the franchise via a couple of sequels. However, since then, the concept of creating and solving outlandish Heath-Robinson machines has been untapped… until now.

Mechanic Master is stylistically similar to The Incredible Machine but from a completely different developer and publisher. The concept behind it is to solve a series of mechanical puzzles to perform certain tasks. Through a short introductory movie, you discover that aliens have captured humans and now you have to destroy them and rescue humankind. It's a clichéd plot that really doesn't have any bearing on the game logistics but you haven't bought Mechanic Master to sit back with a tub of popcorn and some nachos, and as a backdrop to the game it's a fun addition."

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