Ace Gamez: Quantum of Solace Review

Ace Gamez writes: " Back in 1996, game developers Rare released a little game on Nintendo's little N64 called Goldeneye - you might have heard of it. Goldeneye wasn't the first FPS to hit the market, nor was it the best of its kind (although opinion on this matter tends to divide gamers somewhat) - what it was, however, was one of the best movie-licensed games ever created, and one that continues to attract gamers to its pretty spectacular multiplayer modes even to this day. It didn't just put you in Bond's tux; it recreated the gung-ho, smug-smiling atmosphere of the movie upon which it was based perfectly and combined that with fast-paced action, very competent AI and brilliantly designed levels. For a game released in the mid-Nineties, it's still a joy to pick up and play. The problem is that Goldeneye was not only the first awesome Bond game, but it was also the last. Various other incarnations have graced our consoles since, notably the slightly shabby Rogue Agent and EA's above average third person effort Everything or Nothing, but none have really come close to the fun and challenge of Goldeneye."

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Picnic3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

The second paragraph says that, when they received the preview code, comparisons to Goldeneye were 'deserved'. Then they say that comparisons are 'pointless and slightly unfair'. You can't have it both ways- are the comparisons deserved or pointless and slightly unfair?

As for the last paragraph, I know that the vast majority of Xbox360 (and PS3) owners will probably agree with the review but what is necessarily 'grown up' about wanting to see blood? If a game is mean to be escapist, then it does not have to show what would happen in real life if somebody shot you with a gun.

Picnic3683d ago

At least tell me what you disagree with.