Ace Gamez: Midnight Club: Los Angeles Review

Ace Gamez writes: "Midnight Club: Los Angeles is the fourth game in the open world street racing series from the masters of the sandbox genre, Rockstar Games. On the back of the record breaking success of GTA IV, Rockstar Games has once again proven itself as one of the industry's premier development houses while cementing its undeniable skill at developing and constructing a tangible sense of place within hugely detailed and lovingly crafted gaming worlds.

In contrast to Liberty City, which is loosely based on New York, Midnight Club's new playground is based upon Los Angeles - and I say 'based upon' because rather than an exact replica of the city, Rockstar has provided a close representation of the City of Angels that has been tweaked in a bid to create a version that's perfect for Midnight Club's trademark edge of your seat, lightning fast street racing without losing any of the city's essence or fundamental layout. Believe me, this is still very much Los Angeles and all the landmarks you would expect to see - the LA Convention Centre, the Santa Monica Pier, the iconic boulevards and freeways - are present and accounted for. What really brings the city to life though is Rockstar's attention to detail; real world stores are visible, billboards are filled with real life advertising (thankfully without overdoing it), pedestrians fill the streets and many motorists realistically go about their everyday business as you tear your way through the beautifully created streets - yes indeed, Midnight Club: Los Angeles is most certainly a looker. The day/night cycle and variable weather conditions also mean that you are never left to race in a city stuck that's in the perpetual glare of the sun or constant shadows of night, as is the case with many other titles in the open-world racing sub-genre [If Liam's not looking at you, Need for Speed, then I am! Ed.]."

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