Abuse your Virtual Girlfriend in Full 3d. writes "The above video is a product that uses Augmented Reality to let players interact with a virtual plaything. This kind of game would NEVER see the light in North America…. It basically condones being abusive and acting like the biggest dick ever to your significant other… and then remedying the whole situation with a gift. But does the East have a problem with it?! Doesn't look like it!"

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The Matrix3445d ago

Why do it virtually when you can do it in real life?

Timesplitter143445d ago

Because real life is a lie, Mr Anderson

DevastationEve3445d ago (Edited 3445d ago )

Yeah, why do it in a game? It might be nice when she's at work and you're on the couch gaming (you lazy people) but I think then that the relationship is about to end when she finds out that you're a creep.

MK_Red3445d ago

Timesplitter14, that was the best reply EVER! Bubbles for you my friend.

cherrypie3445d ago

Nevermind the western notions of sexual equality.

Look at the technology. Let Japan work out it's own culture as it sees fit.

Dont be so judgemental.

KeenanTheSavage3445d ago

Yeah, I'm voting to do this in real life instead of the game...oh wait, I forgot there's nothing funny about domestic violence...hehe....yeah right.

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Hellsvacancy3445d ago

Make mine a Jessica Rabbit lol

PotNoodle3445d ago

You'll have to find a girlfriend first, and since this article is pretty much aimed at gamers - yeah, good luck.

omni_atlas3445d ago

i thought this was an app that allowed you to have virtual sex with your gf with an augmented suit or something but this is just plane weird.

hay3445d ago

It would make some sense, but some chicks are cheaper than that.

HowarthsNJ3445d ago

Only carried to the next level. The camera reads the symbols on the cardboard cube/paddles/cards.

CyberSentinel3445d ago

Good for you little lemmings.

Xlll3445d ago

@CyberSentinel - to bad not even a 3D woman will date a bot. Always have your right hand sentinel.

PopEmUp3445d ago

I thought you were the only one that have virtual girlfriend since you stay on n4g 24/7 how sad ;(

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The story is too old to be commented.