SlapStic - THE BEST GAME EVAR: A Rant On Fanboys

SlapStic contributor James King goes on a rant about the trend of rampant fanboyism for console gaming. He's tired of hearing how every new game that comes out gets hyped up like it will be the greatest thing ever. Do you agree? Read after the jump!

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hombrehambre3629d ago

I hate 360 fanboys. I hate PS3 fanboys. WHY CAN'T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?!?

tinydancer3629d ago

Because people feel the idiotic need to prove that the console THEY blew hundreds of dollars on are the best...

pavarotti3629d ago

with fanboyism on stratospheric levels on this site, from admin level down. it makes for some pretty f^*king annoying times if you just want to read and comment on the hobby you love.

bottom line, fanboys are pr!cks. but cross N4G + fanboy admin + high fanboy levels: and you have all the ingredients for gutter site wih no end to the degredation of a once reasonable and informative web-site.

buy a ps33629d ago

you say you hated two types of people in one comment.
then you said cant we all just get along.
you are a hypocrite.

StephanieBBB3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

But there it's OK to argue and fight and say our team is the best whilst some other guy says: NO! My team is the best! This is because "it's being seen as a part of the sport".

What's so different between fighting over your favourite team or fighting over your favourite console? At least xboxfanboys and sonyfanboys doesn't start fighting each other with fists... *Yet...

mikeslemonade3629d ago

Hype sells games. Before I found out about the forums I didn't care about getting the latest games and I even questioned why would people buy it full price when it comes out. And since then I've been caught up by the hype and I only buy new games(rent the old games). Hype for every anticipated game is healthy for the gaming industry. It makes everyone happy from developers to the customer and to the publisher.

AAACE53628d ago

They can't get along, cause it would be too much like doing the right thing!

Plus, I kind of think we all subconsciously come here just to see what new crap a fanboy has to say about something! Hell, I accepted that's why I come here! I want to know about new gaming news, but I also gotta see what kind of crap people are saying. Hell, sometimes I may join in for!

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hombrehambre3629d ago

If you hate one of the three consoles, you're a terrible person.

tinydancer3629d ago

If you hate the PC, you're a terrible person as well. Pretty much every gaming platform has SOMETHING of value to offer.

MountainMaverick3629d ago

Ha I wonder how all the ridiculous fanboys on THIS site will respond...

Timesplitter143629d ago

oooh Breakfast saying xbox is best?

AAACE53628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Dreamcast is the best! No! N64 is the best! No! NES is the best! No! Colecovision is the best! No! Gemini is the best! No! Chess is the best! Hahahahaha...

We all know Playstation 21 will rule all when it comes out! If you get shot in a shooter game... you will really need an ER visit!

Yeah, I know that was stupid, but it was funny to me!

Edit: I just realized I might be a fanboy or something... I post comments on here cause I like to see my score go up. Which is the same reason I play alot of 360 games. I try to keep my score close to those on my friends list!

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Volvobug3629d ago

I don't even know why people bother trying to determine what the "best game ever" is. Different people have different tastes. It doesn't matter.

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