OXM UK: Command & Conquer: Red Alert Review

OXM UK writes: "You can't fault EA's marketing bods. They know exactly what's exciting about Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3. That's why every trailer has had sod all in the way of game footage and lots of a shouting Tim Curry at his ridiculous, eye-bulging best.

Part of a spin-off series, RA3 ditches C&C 3's drab sci-fi in favour of a bold, colourful art style and, best of all, intentionally ludicrous cutscene acting - there's more ham flying about than a food fight at a Bernard Matthews factory.

Mechanically, RA3 is based on the formula that's kept C&C popular for over a decade. Build a base, set up resource gathering and then start churning out your units for battle - standard-ish soldiers for the Allied Forces, robots for the Empire of the Rising Sun and, bizarrely, even parachuting War Bears for the Soviets."

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