WorthPlaying: Bratz Girlz Really Rock Review

WorthPlaying writes: "Going strictly by the cover art, it's difficult to figure out what the latest Bratz-themed DS title is even about, and I was really hoping that it would at least be a musical rhythm game as opposed to a series of mini-games, like other Bratz titles on various systems. Well, it's safe to say that I was pretty disappointed because that's pretty much what Bratz: Girlz Really Rock is all about. Having played a couple of these games, it's starting to feel a little formulaic to me, and while I realize that the title is definitely not aimed at either my age or demographic, I can still tell when a game is fun, and Bratz: Girlz Really Rock isn't fun at all.

If, somehow, you're not even familiar with what a "Bratz" is, I'll get you up to speed with my limited knowledge on the subject. Bratz is a popular toy line with a heavy emphasis on fashion and pop culture, and its target audience is adolescent girls; the toys have a cutesy, big-eyed design meant to appeal to current youth and animation styles in the U.S. There have been a feature film, numerous animated shows and movies, and quite a few games based on the license. There's even a spin-off line involving similarly styled animals, which has seen some limited success. I can see the appeal to young girls, and I'm all for giving them toys that they can relate too, but the heavy emphasis on clothing and fashion seems a little hollow. I won't preach on it, though, since I know most children's toys are generally meant to be pretty shallow, and what the heck, it's all just supposed to be fun anyway, right?"

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