Console Monster: MotoGP 08 360 Review

Console Monster: "Undoubtedly the talk of the racing world is Lewis Hamilton winning the F1 Championship just over a week ago. Seeing him on the back pages of the papers the following day, it was historic as he became the youngest world champion in Formula. However, when it comes to MotoGP, the world champion is always 6-8 pages from the back page with all the details on one page. But even I have never really watched MotoGP, sure I've heard a few names such as Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden and saw a few races on BBC2, but MotoGP isn't as big as F1 for example. This also goes for videogames. The last motorbike game I played was Road Rash on the SEGA Mega Drive and now over a decade down the line, I'm going back to two wheels with MotoGP 08."

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