Killzone 2's Destructibility Will Shatter Your Jaw

GameXtract writes "Yes I know, you've heard it from just about every gaming media publisher far and wide. Killzone 2 is shaping up to be simply amazing in every aspect, and we know your tired of just hearing it which is why we are going to show you it. While the graphics, lightening system, and animations are breaking new grounds, this article is going to show you the destructibility within the game, and don't blame me if the footage after the jump shatters your jaw. Like I've mentioned instead of going on about how great the game is, I'll let the footage speak for itself.

Side Note: The footage is in gif format, meaning this is your 56K warning. Yes it's too awesome for some users internet connection."

Footage after the jump!

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Mr PS33682d ago (Edited 3682d ago )

It Will Shatter The BoTs !!!!!!
And That Heap of junk they Call a Console

Jok3r3682d ago

Just like Lair?, just like Uncharted?, just like MGS4?, just like Resistance 2?, just like LBP?
oh wait....;D

elorm93682d ago

But the other games you mentioned weren't. MGS4 was a masterpiece

Gue13682d ago

Uncharted, MGS4, Resistance 2 are really awesome games that helped greatly the game library of the PS3 but against a console that cost less than half the price (200 vs 500), it's pretty difficult to shatter anything.

BTW at that price and it's not doing that good anyway. That's a shame. You know something is a failure when a product cost less than half of the price of its competitors and sales are about the same. ;-)

3681d ago
dukadork3681d ago

it is delicious to see you so jealous and secretly envious, this games makes gears2 look like a PS1 game


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P
;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P
;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P
;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P
;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P ;-P
Next-Gen FPS starts when SONY says so!!! ;-P

What a GENIUS GOD Ken Kutaragi is!!!;)

GiantEnemyLobster3681d ago

Thats pretty funny. I seem to remember a little game called Battlefield Bad Company having much greater destructable environments than this. Wow! you can blow the plaster off walls!! Well I guess thats next gen for SONY standards, LOL!!!

Atomic3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Actually, Battlefield:BC destructibility is not even in the same league as Killzone 2's, Battlefield:BC uses scripted destructibility that is not affected by physics, for example, no matter how many times you blow up a particular wall, it will always destruct the exact same way everytime, and the amount of particles(fragments ,dust) is not even a 1/10 of the amount in Killzone2.

now, stop talking about sh!t you don't even understand.

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Antan3682d ago

And to think Gamespot said theres no destructability!

shingo3682d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Guys, I know this is ridiculous but do you know that the falling apart debris pieces cast real shadow on the floor AS they fall apart? Do you know that the smoke effect of an explosion blocks the sunlight from your way for certain seconds? And you should see how the shadow of a player is reflected on the wall behind him as a result of the light caused by the gun he's firing. All this is in MP. In-game.

'tis the mother of all FPS's.

thor3681d ago

I don't think the destructibility is going to be tremendous compared to what we've seen before. The presentation of it, sure, it will look fantastic when things crumble to the ground etc. - but most things will not be destructible and there will only be the odd pillar placed here and there that will be (as far as I can see).

Not to mention the spelling/grammar mistakes in that article are pretty bad...

Rock Bottom3681d ago

Yet Traveler was defending gamespot for what they said and running around calling PS3fanboys fanboys... Oh, wait...

Anyway I just hope he would see this. >_>

The Matrix3681d ago

No pun intended in the title I hope.

Socom3681d ago

PS3 is simply the most powerful console there is. The Cell processor is 20 times more powerful than the Xenon processor.

There is a reason why the PS3 is the ultimate in multi media such as gaming, movies, music and storage.

Killzone 2 will rock.

jspc19893681d ago

''the cell is 20 times more powerful than the xenon" - that one literally made me laugh, havent heard an argument as blind as that in quite a long time.

Although yes, killzone will be awesomeness in its purest form :-) - most definately cannot wait to play it.

hay3681d ago

Wow, all this work they put into this... I hope this is some major breakthrough in shooter design. I dream about fully destructible environments in really immersive game.

The Lazy One3681d ago

many times more impressed by DMM from lucasarts than this.

If this weren't in response to frostbite, DMM, or the extra destructibility in the unreal engine it would be a lot cooler. It does look beautiful, but they're showing up late to the party.

Also, no this is not only possible on the PS3. Look at the unreal destruction demo, it's practically the same, then look at DMM, which runs on both platforms and blows both of them out of the water.

Danja3681d ago

your enthusiasm never ceases to amaze me...

damn im pissed im not in the Beta...:(

rareairtone3681d ago

They probably meant that there wasn't enough destructibility for mentioning. The way they see it, if things are going to be destructible, they need to go all the way with it. I notice that the floors don't get affected by whatever you do. they're judging it a bit too hard, but I see where they are coming from.

I as well would like to see more than the walls falling apart though...

Ryo-Hazuki3681d ago

Yeah Gamespot said the environments are static with no movable objects....LMAO Im in the beta, and after reading that so called hands on from gamespot, he just flat out lied with that statement. I sent the author a nasty message last night.

Panthers3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

You are talking about a demo specifically to show off destructibility, not a full game with multiplayer and singleplayer with graphics as impressive as Killzone.

HowarthsNJ3681d ago

From this:

"Killzone 2 has a distinctive look to it, but the multiplayer maps don't really give the engine much chance to show off. There are lens flare effects and the weapons have plenty of detail to them, but there are certainly no physics-based money shots such as deformable scenery or movable objects."

To this:

"Killzone 2 has a distinctive look to it, but the multiplayer maps don't really give the engine much chance to show off. There are lens flare effects and the weapons have plenty of detail to them, but the environments are very static with no movable objects or vehicles."

MNicholas3681d ago

when the ground is destructible, not just the objects standing on it.

Having said that ... I actually agree with the all the journalists that that this looks far better than anything else. The depth of realism goes beyond high res textures and lighting to the intereactivity. As I said earlier, the one glaring flaw is that the floor doesnt appear to be destructible.

psnDevistator3563681d ago

that after killzone 2 other sony first party studios will benefit as well by applying this engine to new ips.

Kain813681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

if they had one^^
Objective Journalism is dead, many of them are not independent
(M$ dirty fingers are in the A$$ of them)

dj_funky3681d ago

KZ2 showing the ps3 power to the fullest soon.

omg at that last GIF pic..

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Hellsvacancy3682d ago

I also bought it for the next Hitman game whch im painstakingly waiting for

But the time will soon come when ill b able to look up at may game collectiojn and they'll both b there - Good times

But then ill hav to wait for Killzone 3 and Hitman 6 - Bad times

Honeal2g3681d ago

This is it, Confirmed i am buy my PS3+this game Day one. O man i'm craving this game and White Knight Chronicles/Story?

anyone know if the ps3 will get a price cut...or what my options will be when this game comes out?

bee24273681d ago

If you get a sony credit card, which isnt really that big of a deal, then you get $150 off now i believe, it used to be 100 but i think they upped it

MiloGarret3681d ago

This is NOT the reason why I bought my PS3 (that would be gow3 thankyouverymuch), but my interest is peaking... That does look impressive, I hope it affects gameplay somehow and isn't just cosmetical.

Fishy Fingers3682d ago

Technically, so far ahead of the bunch. GG have excelled themselves.

T_O873682d ago

Totally Agree , GG as far as i know are the best devs this generation
the things they are pulling with KZ 2 are unbelievable

thor3681d ago

Where are the gifs that depict what happens when you throw a grenade at the other 99% of the level? (i.e. no destruction at all)

Still, I am very impressed with how it looks when something IS destructible. Considering I didn't believe destructibility was in the MP at all, this is impressive.

remanutd553681d ago

yes they are way ahead of the bunch, while i agree that insomniac, naughty dog and kojima production are among the best developers on the ps3 i think GG are way ahead of them but after played killzone2 online beta and find out its way better than cod4 and r2 online multiplayers (it is really hard to get back to those games once you played killzone2 beta) im extremely curious to see what santa monica studios will be bringing to the table (you see i rate them very high when it comes to playstation hardware knowledge ) having said that im really dying to see gow3 gameplay i think it will be absolutely AMAZING

ReTarDedFisHy3681d ago

I take it you aren't in the beta?

Doctor Strange3681d ago

If I'm right each grenade you throw does have its own little hole in the ground or if your near a something like those pillars its bring tons of rubble down.

I just remember throwing a grenade across the level at some guy hiding behind some pillars and when it exploded debris from the wall and pillars came raining down, that moment Wow'ed the hell out of me. You really have to see it in action and trust me I think it will impress anyone.

DaChinPin3681d ago

I agree that GG is ONE of the best developers this generation along with Kojima Productions, Bungie, and Insomniac. The best developer might be Team ICO though...I mean they've got not one but TWO major games for the PS3.

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TheExecutive3682d ago

welcome to the GAF forums...

f7897903681d ago

I have DSL and the page is loading like its dial up.