El33t Online: Far Cry 2 Review

The enjoyment possible to extract from Far Cry 2 will only rear its beautiful self when you surrender yourself to the freedom afforded by the game - the freedom to tackle any situation as you see fit, the freedom to wind your way through the missions as you wish and the freedom to sit on the top of a mountain and watch the sun rise.

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wibble3685d ago

I was a little disapointed to see areas with an infinite number of bad guys. In other words - enemy spawn points.

The guys in the town near the beginning (Paolo?) can't be cleared out. I spent a couple of hours trying to clear the town out and I must've killed the entire population of Africa. But still they came..


Come on developers - give us a finite number of characters in these game worlds. It's not difficult. This isn't the 70's. Time to move on from Space Invaders.