GoNintendo hands-on preview: Luminous Arc II

GoNintendo writes: "Having never played the first installment (or any other strategy RPG) before, I thought that learning the way things work in Luminous Arc 2 would take a while. In fact it is quite an easy title to pick up and play and they're aren't so many facets to the battle system that you'll just get the hang of it five hours in. It's fun, not over challenging, and engaging.

The opening cut scene is beautiful (this coming from a guy whose limited anime experiences are nestled into the old safe ones: i.e. Akira, anything Miyazaki, etc.) and the character designs are colorful and varied enough to keep your eyes happy. The witches especially all have that anime body that can't exist in real life if you follow me… talking big boobs, crazy hair, and tiny waist guys!"

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