Kombo Review: Mirror's Edge is a Must-Play

Kombo writes: "Mirror's Edge is unlike any other game I've played. Developed by DICE, it is a first-person parkour game, in which you'll spend the majority of your time wall-running, swinging from poles and jumping from building to building. The game is a single-player affair, telling the story of Faith, a "runner" in a city wherein communication is closely monitored by an authoritarian government. In this tightly monitored city, privacy is a thing of the past. Faith's day job sees her doing work for clients, delivering information to those who want to keep their communications off the wire. That is until her sister is framed for the murder of a rising politician. Suddenly, her life has changed. Now her purpose is to clear her sister's good name."

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TheColbertinator3653d ago

Great review.I should pick this one up

360 man3653d ago

i thought 9 and over was a must play