WorthPlaying-MotorStorm: Pacific Rift review

WorthPlaying writes:"Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, I think everyone who was expecting a great experience from the first title is finally going to see those wishes fulfilled. Pacific Rift retains the standard racing mechanics of the original but offers up a much richer experience in single-player mode. These events all offer two races at the start, slowly opening up to include a pretty large variety of tracks and different race types; the title also features every vehicle from the first game, plus an additional one. The actual gameplay hasn't seen much in the way of change, but that wasn't the issue with the original title, and I'm glad that the developers didn't change much in this area. The lack of content in the first Motorstorm was definitely the focus for improvement with Pacific Rift, and it really shows in the final product."

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yoghurt3653d ago

this game is amazing - I cannot understand the 8's. if you won a ps3 you MUST at least try this game, if you don't own a ps3, GET ONE!