Yahoo Games: Mirror's Edge Review

Despite these niggles Mirror's Edge is a fulfilling and often electrifying experience. Its ideas are solid and refined – far more so than the other, more obvious parkour games on the market – but there's a struggle to extend these ideas into a full game. Nevertheless, this is a quirky, intelligent, beautiful and idiosyncratic title that deserves a leap of faith.

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Danja3678d ago

Great Score...looking forward to playing this game...seems like trying something new payed off for Dice...

InMyOpinion3678d ago

Enjoy the trial & error gameplay =)

Rick Astley3678d ago

Niggles? Wow @ the new Yahoo. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that a racial slur?

TheColbertinator3678d ago

Totally getting this game.Mirrors Edge is phenomenal