NPD Fallout: Little Big Planet's Sales Not What They Could Have Been

Little Big Planet was heralded as the PlayStation 3 game that would appeal to all demographics and divert some of the mainstream attention towards the PS3 that's currently focused squarely on the Wii. It seemed like it was on track to do just that and be a huge seller in October. Then came the controversy surrounding lyrics in the game's soundtrack that included quotes from the Quran which resulted in a recall and subsequent delay, pushing the game back from its October 21 release date in the U.S. to October 27. While that might have not been a big deal in and of itself, the recall most certainly cost Sony a fair amount of money and also likely hurt the game's October sales.

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Danja3621d ago

The recall really did hamper sales..and momentum..but im hoping Sony's realises that they need to start getting aggressive with there marketing tatics and start pushing there exclusives because online hype alone can only do so much...

November sales should be healthy for this game...

xlx-russ_923621d ago

agreed. Sony needs to start advertising their games on TV more often. All i see is 360 commercial on Tv all the time.

xlx-russ_923621d ago

why did i get a disagree?

InMyOpinion3621d ago

Because you watch 360 commercials.

Solid_Dawg3621d ago

are you kidding me, do you not watch basketball? everyother commercial is a ps3 commercial. and thats only the beginning. sonys officially kinking off their whole campaing thing late november.

The Matrix3621d ago

Here are a few games that came out within TWO weeks of littlebigplanet: Saints row 2, dead space, socom, rock band 2, midnight club: LA, spiderman web of shadows,far cry 2, fable 2, bioshock for ps3, guitar hero world tour, motorstorm 2, fallout 3, resistance 2, gears 2, quantom of solace and endwar.

How does media molecule think that they can make amazing profits by releasing a not-yet-proven game into a line up like that? And while littlebigplanet is a great game and I plan on getting it, they should have relized that they really were one in a million. Also, the delaying didn't help. Impatient people probably just bought another game.

La Chance3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

a one week delay can make a game go from 100 % sure 5 million seller to a semi-flop though I'm sure had an impact it isnt as big as people claim.

If it sold that bad in October just because of a 1 week delay then that means it wasnt ever going to be "blockbuster" in the first place.

LBP is having very average sales for I dont now what reason.Pretty weird.

PopEmUp3621d ago

in 4 days the lbp sold 200,000 units is a fail well that nuff said

SPECTRUX3621d ago

I don't know why Sony just kept their mouth shut and released a patch. It didn't have to be recalled.

jaysquared3621d ago

So when the delay was announced every PS3 fans were saying it wasn't a big deal because it was only a week. But now because of a WEEK delay it caused 2 million buyers to change their mind? Are you serious? If PS3 fans can wait a year to buy a next gen console a week aint sh!t.. Face it LBP was hyped up by Sony and every PS3 fan ate it up like a fat boy eats cake just how they always do when something comes out of Sonys mouth but the mass market isn't buying into it. Just like how the PS3 was hyped as a TRUE next gen console and still even know there's no game on the PS3 that proves that. Not MGS4, not uncharted, not KZ2! Nothing!

Bodhi3621d ago (Edited 3621d ago )

Uhhh guys, Littlebigplanet and Fallout 3 were both released on the same day and both were tracked for 5 days.

Fallout 3 outsold Littlebigplanet. When was the last time Fallout was on a console? Never? So hypothetically, console owners really don't know what Fallout is so it's basically a new IP. Littlebigplanet of course is a new IP.

I'm not downplaying Littlebigplanet, I played it at a friend's house, it's the best game for the PS3 by far.

Outside of PS3 message boards and forums and NeoGAF, Littlebigplanet isn't really known by a lot of people. Littlebigplanet will not live up to it's hype in sales, despite all other claims by fanboys, it'll be embarrassing.

I predict that Resistance 2 will outsell Littlebigplanet, and Gears of War 2 will outsell Resistance 2.

I predict that the 360 will outsell the PS3 by a gap, but not that big of a gap. I predict something around 50 000 to 70 000 more for the 360 than the PS3 in November.

man0fsteel3621d ago

but its true. Sony really NEEDS to advertise more. They have been showing a lot more than they have been in the past, but Microsoft intensified their ad campaign to a degree that is almost annoying. I just saw an MTV Rock Band show sponsored by Xbox- with commercials using the catch phrase "now the cheapest console for $199" . This is not good for Sony and they really, and I stress, REALLY need to step it up, especially with Killzone coming up.

NickIni3621d ago

It really makes me laugh how people call it a flop because it didn't sell shocking amounts, when what people say about it and the reviews clearly show that it is a quality game that a lot of people like.

"Face it LBP was hyped up by Sony and every PS3 fan ate it up like a fat boy eats cake just how they always do when something comes out of Sonys mouth but the mass market isn't buying into it."

So you expect Sony not to hype a game? It's not a flop, it didn't disappoint like some games do (every game disappoints in one way or another), loads of people love it. The hype was justified.

"Just like how the PS3 was hyped as a TRUE next gen console and still even know there's no game on the PS3 that proves that. Not MGS4, not uncharted, not KZ2! Nothing!"

So what is a "true next gen game" then? Because those games sure as hell aren't possible on any last gen console.

pavarotti3621d ago

lbp was gonna be the "new mario" was a "generation defining game" and would "shift tons of hardware"??. anyway, i dont make any cash from any games or console sales, and i dont think any of the our-favourite-word-is-outselli ng fanboys on here do either. so i dont understand why so much is put into who's selling the most?!

who cares what sells what at the end of the day!

DaTruth3620d ago

because they are not fanboys who give a crap about first week sales. They are not trying to set records like baby-I-lost-the-last-gen-Micro soft. They are cool if the game sells over a mil and sells some consoles and those people go on to buy more games, that's the way they are and they don't care about you fanboys and your sales competition!

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lokiroo4203621d ago

Sony knows what they are doing sales will be fine, since when did games have to sell in one day? Its two weeks before thanksgiving and the biggest sales weekend of the year, maybe its me but i think a few people may be holding out until then, not only for lbp but everything else also.

Immortal Kaim3621d ago

I half agree with your statement, though some games usually tend to have a longer shelf life than others (I assume it will be the case with LBP), the majority of sales do come within the first day-week. Though I haven't personally experienced the game, 'from what I have heard/read' it's a phenomenal title, Sony are just handling it with another p*ss poor advertising campaign.

I know lots of people here hate MS, but I don't think you can downplay their marketing team... highlighted by the fact some 360 games sell better than they generally should....

The gaming GOD3621d ago

Sony barely advertises their games.

But MS advertises EVERY SINGLE DANG GAME lol. I mean seriously, they even advertise the hell out of the crappy games.

Immortal Kaim3621d ago

Exactly, and that is what they should do. Games don't have to actually be good to sell well (I could name quite a few Wii games to back up this sentiment, but I won't), you could essentially sell anything if it was marketed well.

Start advertising, I don't care if the game is AAA or bargin bin quality, people will buy if you present them with a good enough reason to.

acedoh3621d ago

Which is a perfect example because they are hardly ever advertised. So why can one console like the Wii almost never advertise their console and games and still sell millions upon millions. A lot of it is word of mouth. If any of you have sold anything in your life then you know the best tool is word of mouth. Little Big Planet is one of those special games that will get plenty of word of mouth. Generally a game like this will start out slow and gradually build momentum and parents buy it. Most adult gamers are not going to make this game their first choice but when it comes to families that's another story. I also think this game could greatly benefit from a PS3 price cut. SONY believed a strong line-up alone could carry them thru the holiday season... That is not the case... It will take something more to give these games the boost they deserve.

Immortal Kaim3621d ago

Are you serious, the Wii has been displayed and paraded around on most daytime and morning television shows, Nintendo advertise the damn thing with their target audience in mind.

No disrespect but I'm glad your not advertising Sony's console, there is only so much word-of-mouth will take you.

acedoh3620d ago

Seriously have you ever sold anything??? Have you studied marketing. Every person who has been successful will you the same thing... Word of mouth works every time. I am not saying advertising is not needed but you really can't think that games like Gran Turismo and even the original GTA's sold millions based on advertising. Even cars like the Prius have done well off of word of mouth. An excited customer who loves the product well sell it better than any advertisement. That has been proven time and time again.

Immortal Kaim3620d ago

I have actually, funny enough and that is why I will stand by my statement, there is only so much word-of-mouth will be effective. I actually see word-of-mouth as a combination of current and the after affect of good, aggressive marketing. So yes, I'm not disregarding word-of-mouth but I'm also highlighting the need for more effective advertising as the first step.

I don't want Sony to rest on its' laurels and expect word-of-mouth to be their main form of 'advertising'.

Anyway, we can agree to disagree, and after re-reading my first comment again I apologise if it came across as rude. Thanks for an actual conversation, they seem a rarity around here.

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thewho3621d ago

Does anyone even bother to look at the dates for NPD's before making stupid articles?
October 5th to November 1st.

Therefore, NPD's only counted 6 days of LBP sales. Less than a week.
The game sold pretty well for its first week, given its low advertising and the fact that the game relies on WOM.

PimpHandHappy3621d ago

the delay was not the reason

the reason was there where many great games to buy

Dead Space
im sure im missin a couple good ones

LBP will have legs

ravinshield3621d ago

that game gets boring after a while anyways, might as well rent it

karlostomy3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

Why is that? For a comprehensive list of excuses, refer to these N4g comments made so far:

1. It has only been 6/7 days of the first week
2. Sony didnt advertise enough
3. It will have legs... in the long term... (we hope)
4. It got delayed. (wtf?)

Has anyone actually got the guts to say that this game is just not selling as well as expected?
Come on, guys. It sits at 95% on metacritic!

Perhaps ps3 owners just don't want to buy a 2d plaform game?

Given the sales so far, I think that's a valid comment.

earwax3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

What LOSERS. VGC suck and I guess now NPD does too. ZERO

I Said a year ago this game is for KIDS...wii game? prob sell. the ONLY thing that DOES sell withe the Wii IS the system. They dont sell games. 360 sells games

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The gaming GOD3621d ago

Before the recall, LBP was always in the top 3 in the sales ranking for ALL videogames. The moment that recall hit, it dropped to like 19. So I can imagine other retailers hitting a similar demand drop when the Quran delay hit.

Glad to be a gamer3621d ago

Love the game the stories level design is brilliant and some of the levels already created are stelar.

But this game cp to fable 2 and gears 2 has underperformed at my shop. This could be due to people not knowing its out yet but also because the ps3 is still to expsensive for most people especially those without a hd tv to take advantage of the br player.

Also its an untested market so we don't know how people would take to it. I think its hard to pass up a 360 at its current entry price and games libary. I know i find it hard to sell the ps3 as a games console in cp.

Heres hoping lbp sells well as i for one want to see more inovation in the games industry and although i love gears2,fable 2 and lbp i apreciate the risk Sony took with making lbp and commend it as well.

Some of you Sony fans/owners need to start buying games rather than just talking about them. Hs (brilliant but short game) has already been a casualty in this war. We don't want artistic titles like these to die out do we?

P.s After playing hs i would of payed £40 for that game. Its beautiful in every sense and so cinematic.

p.s.2 Anyone wondering wheter to get gears2 wonder no more its the best game ive played this year with lbp and fable2 following closely behind. That game as completely expaned on gears1 and changes up the gameplay for fun this time. highly reccomended. Infact worth the 360 entry price on its own.

The gaming GOD3621d ago

"Some of you Sony fans/owners need to start buying games rather than just talking about them. Hs (brilliant but short game) has already been a casualty in this war. We don't want artistic titles like these to die out do we?"

Um, we DO buy. I have most of their exclusives. The simple fact is that Sony advertises too little and the system is too expensive in comparison to the other two systems on the market in America (and everywhere else too now that I think about it)

When the price hits the 360's level, stuff like this won't be an issue (assuming they advertise more)