Possible Console Shortage Coming?

The Taiwanese manufacturer of SONY's PlayStation 3 (as well as Nintendo Wii and some Xbox 360s) is denying reports of manufacturing issues related to the global credit crisis.

Industry analysts have expressed concern that Hon Hai (Foxconn) may soon face a credit crunch caused by the current global liquidity issues.

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Breakfast3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

I dont blame them...

...They were once monsters in the console field. But now, thanks to my beloved MS and the 360, theyre has-beens.


ThatCanadianGuy3653d ago

Yeah,170+ million PS2's
30+million PSP's
16+Million PS3's

They really are such has-beens...


Breakfast3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

ps1 - 125 mil - First place
ps2 - 170 mil - First place
ps3 - 16 mil - has be....i mean last place

Dude...the ps3 is losing to the xbox. A console with an incredible amount of hidden costs, weaker hardware, no steady hdd, 30% failure rate, next to no Asian market sales, flopped exclusives, no first party studios, and an eighth of the userbase that Sony had last gen.

Somethings gone undeniably wrong for Sony...


n4gn4gn4gn4g3653d ago

but Foxconn having trouble would cause ALL the console manufactures to have supply issues.

ThatCanadianGuy3653d ago

"They were once monsters in the console field"

PS2 still selling like crazy
PSP still selling like crazy
PS3 still selling crazy-ish

All three of those are consoles.There all doing great.
How are Sony "Has-beens" in the console field then?

Raoh3653d ago

Yes Breakfast something has gone wrong for sony. its microsofts marketing. they market the world but give you a handful of dirt to play with.

but that's expected and when you have alot of spending cash and experience in the software business, its expected to do so.

here is the real killer of it all. its the fanboys. dont take this as an attack but think about your statement.

Breakfast Statement 1: "But now, thanks to my BELOVED MS and the 360"

beloved? being a fanboy is one thing but do you fap to them too?

Breakfast Statement 2: "the ps3 is losing to the xbox. A console with an incredible amount of hidden costs, weaker hardware, no steady hdd, 30% failure rate, next to no Asian market sales, flopped exclusives, no first party studios, and an eighth of the userbase that Sony had last gen"

looking at your statement i wonder why? why are people outside of those that don't know this buying the 360 and sticking with it? obviously there is your devotion of microsoft as you called them your beloved.

but again, i think for some people unlike yourself that are not fully aware of your statement #2 but there are those that are. question is, is loyalty to microsoft, your beloved, or is it hate for sony?

i ask because i've brought it up before. an online discussion lead to someone running out of excuses and finally fessed up.

he bought an xbox original. had what he believed was the better console. but felt shun by developers and publishers and hated sony for it. and admitted that he carried that hate over to the current generation cause he feels like a kid that was bullied who wants to see revenge on sony.

are you and others on here that same group? its not so much about your gaming experience but its about hating gaming on sony's console and its users?

i bought a 360, and i hate microsoft (from way back as early as windows millennium, i've been a tech career wise since 1994) dismissed the original xbox although my friend and i had fun with his Halo teh only good halo IMO. and a few other games, there was a dead rising like game 4 player co op cant remember the name. but i had my ps2, i didnt see a need to upgrade.

this time i bought a 360 and planned on buying a ps3 later. but after faulty hardware, oh and after the register rang up the total price for everything i needed including wireless and xbox live gold, the myth of the ps3 being more expensive became an obvious lie. mirroring your statements of how terrible microsoft is.

after two dvd drive issues, never got rrod just had the issue where the dvd drive misaligned and scratches my dvd's to unplayable state and makes loud noise. not covered under the warranty, even the extended warranty.

after the third 360, i jumped on the ps3 earlier than expected. after that, traded in my 360 for a second ps3.

i have to ask again breakfast, which is it. do you love microsoft that much? or do you just hate sony that much?

Richdad3653d ago

Your enthusiasms is even higher than that of Breakfast. Dont break out so much or you will be having a head ache. I can say that both MS and Sony have their faults.
I had a PS2 last gen and i have to tell you, the graphics were not comparable to Xbox and PC games of the time. I had a FX5200 and PS2 performed lower than that on multiplatform games. Thats when I felt that
realisitic graphics on PS2 was all a lie. It was a marketing trick same goes with 360.
The higher fud you create the better is your business. Just think how Sony crashed Sega out of the cosole business. Its all business and fanboys are its fuel.

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mikeslemonade3653d ago

Hardware shortage would make the 360 price drop meaningless because there isn't enough supply for the demand. I've already said it many times that all systems will sell out during the fall regardless if the system has a price drop. Sony Computers has never dropped price in the fall, and Microsoft Games is stupid to not take example.

Richdad3653d ago

Get the correct meaning out of this, the financial crisis spread world wide is damaging Video-games business too. Many people have lost their job's and many medium scale enterprises have bankrupt and now its turn for the larger enterprises.
Why do you think Sony and MS are not acquiring any new studios, this is the reason. Literally market is out of money.

Breakfast3653d ago

Cant comment in the gamer zone...but Raoh made me laugh