Best Buy Black Friday list

This is a complete list of Best Buys Black Friday sales

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Lf_sIcKmAn3316d ago

Why is it called BLACK friday?... IT MAKES EVERYONE HAPPY!!!!
especially OUR POCKETS!


PlayStation3603316d ago

folks are gonna be trampled by hundreds of people. :P

Spydiggity3316d ago

i don't know exactly where the name came from. but i'm pretty sure it has something to do with Black Tuesday.

imma li'l disappointed with these black friday sales. no games i'm really interested in. and if End War is already down in price, it must not be a very good game.

The Matrix3316d ago

Best Buy usually has best deals but Circuit City beat it this year. They have a couple games I would like and the Dynex 32" HDTV but nothing to go camp out for.

P.S. does anyone know which is better: Radioshacks AOC 32" HDTV or the Dynex 32" because they're both $399...

Bnet3433316d ago

The video game deals are not that good, but a 360 with 4 games and a 60 GB HDD for $300 is a hellavu steal.

mikeslemonade3316d ago

I'd stick away from the lines and the risk of the item not being avalible. Online shopping is the way to go.

The Matrix3316d ago

@Kigmal. The 360 bundle comes with Kung fu panda and Lego Indiana Jones at every store in the country. It's the holiday bundle that Microsoft came up.

Basically at best buy you're only getting American Wasteland and NBA 2k9 for free. I like Circuit City's deal better where you can get an arcade version with a free 20gb hard drive and a free wireless controller.

Mozilla893316d ago

but I guess Circuit City beat it unless there are gonna be other sales specific to each store.

psnDevistator3563316d ago

haven't you heard, they're in financial danger.

Motion3316d ago

When I used to work at Best Buy someone told me that its called black friday because stores do so much in sales. All the sales numbers are in the black, as opposed to sales being low and all the sales numbers in the red. Not sure how accurate this is, but I guess it does make sense.

FrankenLife3316d ago

Yes it is called black friday because the number of sales puts them in the black. However, I don't know about this year. Circuit City does have them beat. I was looking at the scans of the flier, and idk that this is real. If it is real then this is BB's worst black friday to date. If this is real, then they must be counting on their secret sales. But this is really disappointing. Oh well. We will know next sunday.

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iggypop1233316d ago

this is the worst black friday in years. only frys can save it

The Matrix3316d ago

Yeah thanks to the failing economy. I wish I had a fry's electronics around where I live because they always have great deals. :s

FrankenLife3316d ago

Fry's generally beats BB's prices. I like Fry's. From what I know they haven't released their sales yet.

Zee3316d ago

Because it is normally when the majority of retailers go into the Black(Profitable) for the year.

Imallvol73316d ago

black friday is TERRIBLE this year. I am definitely only buying online. Circuit city and amazon had GREAT online deals last year.

Captain Tuttle3316d ago

Did you see the last deal on the list? 60 gig 360 with 4 games (crappy ones) for $299

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The story is too old to be commented.