NextGen Player Reader Review: Wii Music

NextGen Player Reader: Blaine Barber reviews Wii Music.

Much has been written, mostly negative, about Wii Music in the few short weeks since its launch. I would venture to guess that this is probably one of the most controversial games to be released in quite some time. In the prevailing reviews, however, we seldom get down to what, from a gaming perspective, Wii Music is.

First off, there are several different "styles" of play in Wii Music. You can use buttons for horns, waggle actions for Bass, etc. It has to be said, that the Wii is the only console that can easily offer all of the features in use for the input. Please consider this - while you are playing an instrument you can change both the rhythm and the volume of that instrument. You can also slightly affect the pitch of some instruments (bending notes on guitar) or change the note somewhat implicitly (using the B button on trumpet). You cannot, however, choose any of the notes that the game is playing. Rather, they are offered up for you to discover as you bang, press, and shake your controllers. The takeaway here is that the input system is complex and unique to the Wii, but also limited in how it can change the game. With Wii Music the feedback is, for the most part, aural rather than visual. I often find myself wandering around the room with my eyes closed trying to find some hidden line of music in the game. Uniquely, the visual portion of the game is of little importance while you are playing.

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