GameZone: Line Rider 2: Unbound Review

The most difficult thing about the controls is the one thing you can't change: using the Wii remote to do everything. Line Rider started on the PC, where players use a mouse that is constantly resting on a desk or something else. In this version, you have to hold the remote up and point it at the TV at all times. Given that this is one of the first games of its kind, developers have not yet figured out how to make it, well, less stressful to the hand holding the remote. GameZone has been a big supporter of the Wii and motion controls in general. At launch, the first-person shooters were terrible; a year later, Metroid Prime 3 showed 'em how to do it right. They suspect (or at least hope) that is what's in store for Line Rider 3, assuming a sequel is made. For now, unfortunately, you're just going to have to endure the controls designed for Line Rider 2.

Gameplay 7.9
Graphics 6
Sound 5
Difficulty Medium/Hard
Concept 8
Overall 7.9

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