Where do you play with your DS or PSP?

Sean Ryan writes:

"Handheld gaming devices have been the godsend to gamers on the go. They've been the perfect companions for those long trips to Grandma's house or those quiet moments alone while on your lunch break at work. The current generation of portable devices allows us to not only play games, but indulge in all of our favorite forms of multimedia at any time, anywhere. But where do most people play? The results of a recent poll may surprise you…"

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Johnny Rotten3657d ago

I keep my PSP next to the bed but lately the wife has me tying up some loose ends before winter comes so it's been a pretty good mp3 player.

The Matrix3657d ago

I beat GoW Chains of Olympus with one sitting of the toilet. That's where I usually play my psp.

No FanS Land3657d ago

Gee you must eat a lot! (even though it's 7 hours long)

The Matrix3657d ago

It took me 3 hours playing with all the upgrades.

3657d ago
SaiyanFury3657d ago

While I have both systems I play my PSP far more than my DS. Just because many of Sony's established series' are on the system. I also play Tenchu Shinobi Taizen on my PSP imported from Japan. Sega says that it's working on the game, but since the game is almost 3 years old as far as they say I wonder if the translated version is really coming. I play a lot of RPGs on my PSP as well, most recently Star Ocean. On top of that Crisis Core and Disgaea PSP are high on my playing list. Not to mention the remake of Final Fantasy Tactics the brilliant remake of the masterpiece original PS title. I play them anywhere, anytime but my PSP remains my system of choice. The DS has a good library of games for us RPGamers like the remakes of Final Fantasy 3 and 4, but I still prefer my PSP. Good on both systems for being so approachable. The DS has a lot more casual games, which appeal to the casuals whereas the PSP has a crapload of multimedia functions such as video and audio playback. The added ability of internet radio just makes it that much more appealing.

SaiyanFury3657d ago

Heh gotta love the disagreement phantoms disagreeing without even giving an opposing viewpoint.

Sheddi3657d ago

i remote play my ps3 with my psp when im in the bathroom :P
i usually watch family guy or 2½ men.

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