Gametrailers Review: Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts

Watch one of the first reviews of this hotly anticipated game coming out for the Xbox360 this Christmas season.

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Chubear3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Looks good?

tortella3679d ago

Good to be a 360 owner


Chubear3679d ago

... I'm sorry but this thing looks like a waste of gaming time for this Christmas. As a $15-20 title? sure; for 60 bucks a pop? hell no.

Danja3678d ago

it's $ sucks cuz I was a huge Banjo fan back in the N64 days....and rare just ugh....they basically sorta ruined the series...but w/'s still getting decent scores

Omega43678d ago

Yep just like R2 averaging at 87 at meta a REAL improvement over the first which averages at 86

Well done RARE, Insomniac and SE ;)

tortella3678d ago

R2 got the same score as Gears2 from All major websites

Gamesradar -9/10
IGN - 9/10
Gamespot - 9/10
Eurogamer - 9/10

R2 got awesome scores from all the best websites. It doesnt matter what haters and small websites say

Fable 2 got
8.8 from IGN
8.5 from Gamespot
and 9 from gamesradar

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Chubear3679d ago

I think those who wanted this for a long time are going to go snap this up in a hurry, regardless.

sunnygrg3678d ago

OUCH? Not that anybody ever expected anything out of this game though.

Bodhi3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

This score really surprises me as my girlfriend and I really love this game. It's clever, funny, and fun to play. I don't really know why Gametrailers killed it with it's score. Oh well.

This game is really fun, the vehicle customization is really deep, I made a Batmobile with floaters on the side to drive in water, the shape of the Batmobile makes for a great boat. This game is genuinely funny as well, I was crying in laughter at the intro cinematic, it's hilarious. Rare really has a funny sense of humor as most of the dialogue and missions are so satirical and funny. One of the missions involves Banjo fixing the Logbox 720 from hardware failures by fixing the hardware inside before the time runs out. I was smiling the entire time.

The game looks great too, sure it has a framerate dip here and there but it's nothing to make you not want to play the game anymore. The graphics are insane, draw distance, 4xAA, everything. Some textures, believe or not rival Killzone 2, I know most of you will disagree with this now, and detest such a thing but really, some textures are insane.

The price and the nostalgia made me buy it and I don't regret it EVER, this game is amazing. I'd give at 8.9 personally.

If you are avoiding buying this because of the text problem or the challenges, pick it up, for your own good. Rare is fixing the text problem currently.

If you're avoiding this because of the difficulty of demo and how the vehicles are handled, buy it. The demo was placed at a bad World, Banjoland is actually World 3. You don't have much parts so the challenges are insanely hard, the handling of vehicles are easy once you get the parts from World 1 and 2.

Buy this game, if you don't like vehicles, buy Banjo Kazooie on the XBLA.

BTW, if anyone doesn't like the vehicles parts, later in the game you can visit the Banjo Gym and learn moves and upgrades for Banjo. At the end of the game, I'll put spoiler tags here now...

***** SPOILERS *****

At the end of the game, the LOG gives Banjo all his moves back and lets him keep the wrench.

***** SPOILERS *****

So if you really don't want this game because there's no platforming, there actually is platforming.

callahan093678d ago

I played the demo and I must say, this game has by far the worst presentation in videogame history.

That sounds like hyperbole, but it seriously isn't. The tutorials are a chore, the menus load slow as hell, the audio is barren and lifeless, some scenes are skippable, some aren't, and most dialogue is written in a hard to read font, very very small, and moves at its own pace, often times faster than I could read it because I had trouble distinguishing words in the font and size displayed.

The "hub world" just smacked of laziness and rip-off, and the characters were all annoying as hell.

I really hated that demo and will never ever ever play the full game.

But that's just this man's opinion.

Jinxstar3678d ago

Like Bodhi said. it's not about Graphics or anything. Is the game fun to you? To me I am not interested. If it were old school it might be a reason for me to go get a new 360 but really... It's all in the player. I love the Lego games for a similar reason to him. me and my girl can play them and it's fun. Fanboyism aside it's all about fun.

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ngg123453679d ago

I don't mind giving a game a low score, but what he said didn't make any sense. The game has 3 gameplay elements which will cause repetition. Doesn't every game have repetition. Halo 3 is just shoot, and dodge. Why mark that game down for being just a fps. It doesn't make any sense. It seems like the reviewer already had a grudge on this game. There was no explaination why he disliked it. He really didn't go into any depth besides that it was trial and error. One of the worst reviews on that site. Possibly one of the worst reviews ever.

TheIneffableBob3678d ago

Some repetition is better than others.

InMyOpinion3678d ago

The funny thing is that Banjo is most repetitive in the beginning levels of the game. After that the world opens up, there's lots of things to upgrade and explore and it becomes a whole lot more diverse and every vehicle challenge becomes a puzzle.

MiloGarret3678d ago

And you are brain-less, so what?

SonySoldierEternaL3678d ago


Milo is butt-hurt as well


MiloGarret3678d ago

Oh my, what witty response! And how unexpected! Use your imagination kid, that was extremely lame.

SonySoldierEternaL3678d ago

get over yourself Milo

you take life way too serious

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Chuk53678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Agreed,in fact in one of their bonus round shows he openly said that he didn't like at all. He was way to critical and didn't even enjoy the best part of the game, the vehicle building. he only gave the game props here and there because he had to so he wouldn't seem biased.Terrible review of a awesome game.Three things.One,a bad review shouldn't ruin the image of a game especially like n&b because it's a huge departure from the series roots and their will be a LOT of biased fanboy reviews(honestly read many reviews,they have stated that is was too different, bull****). Two, this game really seperates the open minded creative reviewers and closed-minded inept reviewers (1up>wired).And finally, n&b is even more funny than it's predecessors.

ngg123453678d ago

Their reviews are brief 100 word never discussing why a game is good or bad. So their score for a game really has zero value to me. I'm complaining because he repeated the same statement dozens of times, this game is different than the original. But he never discussed why it was bad gameplay wise.