PGNX reviews Resistance 2

The editor writes:-

"Resistance 2 is a fantastic game. It's one of the best shooters available on the PlayStation 3 and one of the console's strongest exclusives. It does what a sequel was meant to do: improve on the original and make it bigger. The singleplayer campaign and multiplayer modes are great, but when you add in the excellent cooperative campaign to the mix you truly have one of the best games available. "

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tortella3653d ago

shame on u haters

However IGN - 9.5
Gamesradar - 9
Gamespot - 9
Eurogamer - 9

metacritic - 88%

PoSTedUP3653d ago

EDGE gave it a 6/10. lol.

tortella3653d ago

so even Banjo a game that got 5 from most websites is better than Resistance 2???

Seriously SONY should ban EDGE and EUROGAMER and 1up from reviewing their games

1up gave Wii music A- and Banjo too A- and Resistance 2 a B+

PoSTedUP3653d ago

lol thats crazyness, so far the game is phenomenal, ive never played anything like it in a fps, oh man i cant wait till KillZone2, only 3 more months!

LarVanian3653d ago

Resistance 2's metacritic score should be 90%+. Its not fair on Insomniac after all the work they put into this game.
I mean can you guys actually believe that R2 is getting marked down for having small glitches and an apparent "bizarre" story-line?
Its like what reviewers did with Uncharted last year, they used things such as "screen-tearing" and other un-noticable glitches to mark down the game.

I wonder what reviewers will say about Heavy Rain next year.....

tortella3653d ago

It would have easily got 9.5 at meta

joeblk103653d ago

xbox already has this game as exclusive.... its called Halo 3. After finishing it last night they are earily similar in gameplay, levels, enemies, and even the ending sequence. It was a great fun game but i cant help but think a lot of those ideas came from halo.

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omni_atlas3653d ago

But according to Edge, it only deserves a 6!

ASTAROTH3653d ago

and my more than 12 hours of play on it, R2 deserves a 9.5 at the lowest. I know it didnt receive great revies because its a PS3 exclusive and people expect PS3 exclusives to be WAYYYYY!!!!!!!beyond anything on any console. I live in reality an the game is great. And it comes from someone who also have a 360 with the best 360 game available rigth now Ge... ok on topic!! I dont know seriously why this amazing game have been unfairily critisized!!

bviperz3653d ago

Although it would have been cool for a co-op storyline campaign, I'll take the co-op they currently implemented any day. It's so cool to jump in an online co-op with strangers and everybody plays their part. Rack up the mad exp playing online co-op :D

The Matrix3653d ago

Edge is garbage anyways.

Ju3653d ago

What's interesting in the co-op is, that it actually works. In all the games I played the roles were always balanced. Somehow, without much talk, you'll get the right mix of Soldier, Medic and Specops. Maybe because its fun to play any of the three roles equally well.

boodybandit3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

they are mostly bought and paid for with swag, advertising dollars, self or unfair bias, rated by people that are not even into the genre they are reviewing (makes sense), etc and so on. Game reviews (gaming media in general) are now run like tabloids. The more inflammatory / controversial the better.

Resistance 2 is fantastic. The single player campaign had incredible pacing and had me not wanting to take breaks to complete it. The only downfall for me personally was the ending only because I didn't want it to end.

Online is flawless and the co op is a blast. No way this game deserves a rating below a solid 9. A 6 is sad and only shows that source is completely worthless and looking for hits. Nothing more.

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Bathyj3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Did edge seriously give it 6?

That just shows how much they are to be trusted. I used to think they were just tough. Then I thought they were just jaded and didn't like fun. Now I think they're just bought.

I wouldn't used edge for toilet paper, thats right, edge isn't good enough to wipe crap from my arse. In fact I'm going back to edit this post and remove all capital E's because I wont even give them the respect of being a proper noun.

PotNoodle3653d ago

A game be underrated than overrated.

OmarJA3653d ago

Great game, best online multiplayer IMO this year...

i give it 95/10.

The Matrix3653d ago

95 out of that is impressive.

joeblk103653d ago

Agreed. Great Game. Finished solo campaign last night. Could not help but see all the similarities to the Halo franchise though. "The Flood" moments, the countdown at the end, even the enemies seemed too similar to Halo counterparts.

Milky3653d ago

A good review, quite well written.

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