New PSP firmware upgrade released

Version 3.10 offers expanded support for PlayStation Nework titles (of immediate use to those with a PS3) and the ability to play MPEG-4 AVC format video files under LocationFree Player (of immeditate use to those with a LocationFree Base Station.

In addition, a Conserve Memory option has been included in the Internet Browser settings, and you'll now find a Dynamic Normalizer (surely a contradiction in terms?) feature under the Sound Settings menu

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HyperBear4309d ago

I hope that Sound thing, actually improves the sounds on PSP. The sound on that thing right now is weak, hopefully, the its an upgrade that will increase the volume on it by double, just so if you really want to listen to a song, you can, instead of holding the PSP by your ear to hear it. lol.

DC RID3R4309d ago

looks like fanjita will be back in action a.s.a.p :]

N0/ doubt

kmega874309d ago

when the hell will we be able to play music and look at pics at the same time?