Thunderbolt: Dead Space Review

"EA has decided to buck the trend this year; a company so used to spewing out sequels is now concentrating on starting new franchises, and EA Redwood Shores latest, Dead Space, has all the ingredients to become another big hit. With an animated comic book and animated movie already released, the markers have been firmly set; now it's time for the game to deliver. So far, it's on the right track. So few survival horror games throw you into space to fight aliens, that's normally action territory; and while Dead Space is probably more action than horror, it effectively combines the two together to create something astonishing."

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The Matrix3653d ago

What is it and late reviews like this? Don't they know people expect to see reviews at least a few days before the game comes out?

Nakerman3649d ago

That's not true at all. If you read magazines (such as gamesTM), more often than not reviews are out well after a game. If you're not one of the biggest sites, you won't be getting a review until the release day or after.