Game Revolution: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Review

Game Revolution writes: "Sometimes I imagine Konami waking up and stepping to the mirror for a little self-worth pep talk to get through the day. After all, its '80s rival Capcom released Mega Man 9 and was subsequently showered with masturbatory praise for its daring creativity, which is like rolling a fat kid onto Oprah's stage and calling him a hero for being fat in public. Where I'm from, we call that "one too many Twinkies", but if we're going to get in the habit of rewarding overindulgent repetition with monikers of bravery, then Castlevania is freakin' Charles Bronson.

Like that stoic, mustachioed icon, the 2D Castlevania titles swaggered through the decades, churning out classic after classic with the same basic formula, but at least Bronson knew when to hang up his guns. Ecclesia tries to impress with yet another new combat system, a vista of fresh locations beyond the castle walls, and upgraded levels of monstrous badassery, but I can't shake the feeling that the golden years have already passed."

+ Glyphs provide combative variety
+ Constant flow of new locations
+ Tried and true Castlevania gameplay
+ Impressive graphics. . .
- . . .that blends monsters into the background.
- Tyrannically difficult
- For veterans only

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