GameSpy: Killzone 2 Beta Impressions

While much of the GameSpy crew is busy exploring Northrend in Blizzard's latest expansion, some of them on the console team have been plugging away at another online experience: the Killzone 2 beta. Amsterdam's Guerrilla Games is crafting an online multiplayer component that supports 32 players at once, with a focus on persistent statistics tracking on the individual level and for 64-player clans.

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Yamato3680d ago

Killzone 2 One hell of a Game.KZ2 are going to be the Best FPS Ever!!!! MS dont try to buy KZ2, like you are trying to buy MGS4!! Do your own games.

Elvfam5113680d ago

page he sounded like he hated and would never get into it. It made me think after he mentioned TF 2 and COD4 is he so caught in those games that he won't give another FPS another chance.

why each of them compare it to TF2 i don't get it.