VGC Preview: Killzone 2 - Part 1

VGChartz was fortunate enough to get a code for the recent Killzone 2 beta, so in the first of 3 special articles I give my view on the graphics, gameplay and maps available in the beta.

Killzone 2 wasn't on my radar at all. I didn't play the original Killzone, heck I didn't even own a PS2. So all this talk of Killzone 2 has somewhat passed me by. Until now that is. The first thing that struck me about Killzone 2 is that it's stunning. It's easily host to the best graphics I've seen on a console, and this is just the multiplayer aspect of the game. The character models are nicely detailed, in the multiplayer part of a game you kind of expect them to be a little bit dodgy, but here they're actually pretty good and you can see all the little details on each character's clothing thanks to some superb lighting and shadow effects. The rag-doll like reaction of your enemies to every bullet is superb – watching your enemy recoil with pain in a different part of the body with each and every bullet that enters him makes the experience much more engrossing than in previous shooters. Blood splatters out of, and around, every single bullet hole and your enemy actually looks like he's being hit by bullets for a change.

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CrippleH3679d ago

Another great preview.

flop what? I don't hear any.

It's going to be awesome that's what most editorials are saying.

PoSTedUP3679d ago

i dont care what he thinks, i stopped reading when he said he didn't own a ps2.. is that even possible?

Bathyj3679d ago

At least he came around eventually Posted. We should welcome more gamers into the fold.

Undisputed Best Graphics Ever.


PoSTedUP3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

true that, i was just shocked when i herd the impossible : ) and yes we should welcome more gamers.

villevalorox3679d ago

Pleases release a demo or something for everyone.!!! I can not wait any longer!!

Kush_Reaper3679d ago

That was a really googd read. Definately one of the best games of 2009. Febuary can't come soon enough.