The Midnight Launch Crowd: Who Are These People?

Kombo writes: "Possibly the defining event of gamer culture is the midnight launch event. While not unique in the world of entertainment (high profile movies are known to do midnight showings, though the practice is fairly rare), game launches are truly a unique event. This is where you find the hardest of the hardcore, the kids who are skipping school tomorrow to play a new game or the adults who are eschewing their daytime personas as businesspeople or laborers and letting their inner geek shine through. The launch of a new game is when all the greatest personalities come out, so join me as we run through a list of people you see at the launch party. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll realize you are one of these people and then cry some more, but it'll be fun, and next time you show up at a launch you can print this article out and bring it along as a handy checklist."

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