Blu Ray Far From Dead

The Digital Bits Reports that Blu Ray is surpassing DVD in its second year, compared to when DVD was out in its second year. Click on the 11/14-1:45pst Daily Column for full article

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Theoneneo813652d ago

couldn't submit the actual link cause it says it was already submitted when it wasn't

ThatCanadianGuy3652d ago

You should use a better picture tho.One that fits.
I would use the report section but im banned for the next 24 days..

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Bebedora3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

Oh please...this is embarasing for all that is journalism. Just like any other piece of garbage hemoraging this site.

Sarcasm3652d ago

"Just like any other piece of garbage hemoraging this site. "

lol then what are you doing here? And why do you even bother to take time out of your precious life to post?

MNicholas3651d ago

in the form of HD-DVD and Xbox360 fans.

They never give up. They never go home. They never learn.

The only factor holding back Blu-Ray adoption is HDTV ownership. Blu-Ray players are already at $150 and will soon be profitable at $99.

In two years DVD players will not be available. At that point the market will be able to choose between downloadable HD movies (which will be held back by broadband adoption and speed of broadband) and Blu-Ray. One requires consumers to change their habits while the other fits right in with consumer habits. Result: Blu-Ray will do fine.

Do movie downloads have a future? Sure. Many cable TV stations have had video on demand for ages. It's nothing new. However consumers haven't warmed up to it and there's no evidence that this will change any time soon.

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Danja3652d ago

Everyone knows this....Just that The ppl who incested there money in HD-DVD stocks keeps trying to convince ppl Blu Ray is

Picked up Speedracer boput 2 dayas really impressed by the picture i've seen yet

The gaming GOD3652d ago

But damn. I have to say, THAT movie really sucked egg.

It is good for showing of Blu Ray though

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ultimolu3652d ago sh*t?

*goes back to Little Big Planet*

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