Upcoming "Metal Music Game" Wish List writes "Indevent USA, a music management group, and EBT3 Creations, a visual effects consulting firm, have launched a new multi-media company: Reign Productions. This company's premier endeavor is to create a music video-game which will include only the most frostbitten genre, METAL. As a huge Metal fan I started to worry after Tim Schafer's Brutal Legend was caught in limbo , but it appears that some god up in Asgard still likes me and has answered my prayers. The game will summon the formation of a metal "supergroup". The idea that this group could feature world-renowned drummer, Thomas Lang, already has me salivating. Contemporary metal artists and bands will also make appearances in the game, through cameos and tracks.

So who would make an appearance if I had my way? Hit the jump to find out.

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PimpHandHappy3621d ago

Gojira "From Mars to Sirus"

Machine Head "The Blackening"

Slipknot "All Hope is Gone"