VGM: Dead Space Review


"However, while Dead Space excels in presentation, sound, and excellent controls, it does suffer from a lack of originality. It also failed to induce any real terror for me, because while the Necromorphs are quite the nightmarish nasties, they do not feel any more creative than any other standard mutant or alien creature on your every day sci-fi movie. The occasional "BOO!" scare occurred where a Necromorph burst out in front of me, but I never felt particularly pressured or uptight along the course of the game. It was very much a bland experience in terms of being frightening, unless you're the type who easily scares. Of course, just because it didn't particularly frighten me, that in no way means it's a bad game. Quite the opposite, in fact--Dead Space brings a tight control scheme, tense and exciting gameplay (albeit a bit repetitive), and a fairly interesting plotline together to weave a deliciously creepy tale that survival horror fans will eat up.

I thoroughly enjoyed what Dead Space had to offer, and hope to see some of the repetitive fetch quest-based gameplay changed up a little in the sequel already confirmed by EA. What's presented in this fast-paced sci-fi thriller, though, is one of the most enjoyable survival horror purchases currently available.

So suit up, and move out! There are Necromorphs to eliminate."

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