GSM: Sony Ericsson T700 review


"It may look like Sony Ericsson are playing the cheap easy way with T700. All it takes is dress up a Walkman, take here, add there, now scramble and there you go – a new launch. Dodgy as it sounds, it works more than fine with the latest T-series handset if you are willing to forgive the loss of design inspiration or if it's your first Sony Ericsson bar.

The design team has done a great job in making the T700 an excellent bar true to the Sony Ericsson heritage. The only place they've failed is making it stand out among its own. When you set your eyes on it, you immediately recognize it as a Sony Ericsson handset. But guessing exactly which model, would be a difficult task for the not so keen eyed among us.

No matter how you feel about the design reused over and over again, the manufacturer seems to have a point. The T700 styling seems capable of inspiring a more mature and sophisticated demand than the thin Walkman W890, which means a firmer foot in the midrange for the company. Being part of the T-series is an honor that comes with obligations and the T700 is up to the task. The exceptionally friendly handling and probably the best feature phone interface give it a definite edge."

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